Top Rated Handheld Showerheads With Long Life

The bathroom is one of the most important parts in a house. It is an area where we clean ourselves, brush our teeth, and beautify ourselves among other activities.

A bathroom has several components such as a mirror, a towel bar, a bathtub, and shower utilities among other things.

Bearing in mind that, the basic role of this room is bathing then showers fixtures are an important component and hence the need to understand them.

The most common are the fixed showerheads and the hand-held shower heads.

Hand Held Shower Head Designs

Fixed showerheads are utilities that direct bathing water to an individual usually at fixed angles.

Handheld showers, on the other hand, are subsets of the showerheads and have moveable devices that direct water onto a user usually through a hose fitted with a handheld nozzle.

Reviews of best handheld shower head

From time to time, utilities require improvement.

This need plus other factors was part of what resulted to these showers.

Due to their careful design, these showers are easily detachable from their fixed position while others have long cords and additional features such as water adjusting buttons.

In most cases, handheld showerheads for the elderly and kids have this design where they channel water to the desired area making them not only suitable for this group but also suitable for the injured and disabled who cannot move around the fixed showers.

Another that best suit these category of people is the removable or detachable shower head.

Below are other amazing shower head reviews.

As for those looking for romantic times in the bathroom dual shower head is the way to go, Click here for best shower head samples.

You get a separate shower stream for each of you.

If you ask the law makers they would be quick to pass the dual shower heads as a federal law for water efficiency…

Features of a handheld shower head

This design is becoming popular with time due to the elegance, flexibility, and style associated with them.

Some of the notable features include;

A hosepipe: The hose is mostly associated with the showerheads that are integrated with the fixed showerheads.

Install Handheld Shower Head Hose Pipe

The tube acts as a channel, and the showerhead is attached at the end for dispensing water.

Depending upon the intended use and the users, the hose length differs, and it’s adjustable as per the needs of the user.

Knob/button: The control module depends on the manufacturer, and this device can have a controller to let water flow via the fixed showerhead, or the hand held shower.

Diverter with Shower Head Holder Knob

At times, one can activate the flow to the two heads to enjoy the best experience.

Perforated head: In the majority of these showers, the head has perforations to facilitate efficiency in the flow of water.

Note that, the pressure of the water flowing through the hose has a direct relationship with the jets formed by the perforations on the showerhead.

Pros of hand held showerheads

In case you wish to install a shower, it is always advisable to evaluate the available options before making the purchase.

For the case of the hand held showers, there are numerous advantages associated with them as follows.

Best for kids: Washing a child under a fixed showerhead is much tiresome and uncomfortable for the kid since water under high pressure can deprive the kid oxygen and the sprays will splash water on you.

However, with hand held showerheads, the process is much better.

You can also opt for the double shower head for kids below.

shower head for kids

The shower directs water sprays to the intended part of the kid without causing any panic to the kid while keeping you dry.

Conserves water: This is achievable through leading water to the intended body part without excessive water loss.

Flexibility: In this case, flexibility is to direct water to the desired body part. Compare the case of a wall mounted showerhead and the handheld showers.

The fixed showers will not direct the sprays to some areas of the body with much efficiency as this shower head will do.

Works well under conditions of low pressure: Sometimes, the flow from the main tank can be affected due to water shortages.

This affects the effective water pressure leading to weak sprays.

With a handheld showerhead, you can easily take the showerhead closer to your body and still have an operational spray.

Gentle on the body: Sometimes we develop conditions such as sunburns while the elderly may have some skin complications, which requires gentle sprays.

The handheld showers offer a gentle spray, and some have adjustable knobs for setting the desired water pressure.

Best for washing pets: Have you ever wondered what will happen to your pet such as a dog in case your dog washer spoils?

Then a handheld showerhead is the best option that will help you save money.

Pet Hand Head Shower Head

For health purposes, clean your bathroom after washing your pet.

Works best for the old: As people grow old, they lose flexibility and develop some conditions, which require care especially in the bathroom where they can easily fall.

In order to avoid movements in the shower for the old, it is advisable to install the handheld showerheads, which will reduce the movements, slips, and falls.

Easy to clean your shower: With a handheld showerhead, washing the bathroom walls and the floor is much easier.

First, use a detergent and a brush to scrub the walls and finally use the showerhead to rinse off the soap.

Desirable qualities of a handheld showerhead

Four Spray Massage Two-in-One Hand Shower Head

When you go shopping for a hand held showerhead, you ought to have a few tips in mind to avoid frustrations.

Despite the numerous advantages associated with these showers, you may end up with a hand held showerhead that does not meet your expectations.

This is why you should check the following;

Style and design: Anytime you shop for hand held shower fixtures, have in mind the conditions and style of the existing features and fittings to have a beautiful finish.

This will help you love your shower and enjoy a complimenting environment.

Quality: The quality of each brand differs with the manufacturers preferences.

It is, therefore, important to enquire from friends and the online community for some of the high-quality brands available in the market.

The size of the showerhead: The size of the head determines things such as handling capability, the pressure of the spray and the volume dispensed.

A huge head will make handling complicated while a tiny head will not emit a proper spray.

Therefore, get a medium sized head for a good rinsing experience.

The length of the hose: The size of the hose determines its handling capability.

Choose a tube with a sufficient length to ease your shower activities.

Additional features: With increased competition, manufacturers have to design superb products for the customers, which have led to the invention of products with additional features.

Such is the hand held showerhead with shut off valve among other features.

Reviews of handheld shower head

Grohe hand held showerheads

Hand Held Shower head and Rail Set

These have numerous features and classy designs that include;

Grohe dream spray: This model is carefully designed to ensure a balanced distribution of water to all the nozzles available. Click here to view.

Additionally, the size and position of the jets are carefully located to provide a full spray emitted via the showerhead.

Grohe Cool Touch: This feature ensures that the shower handle does not get too hot.

This is of importance if you are using hot water to clean the shower.

The Plumb Craft Waxman 8695400 Bone with 6-Position HydroSpin: This showerhead is best for people intending to carry out repairs and home improvement projects.

Plumb Craft Waxman HydroSpin

The shower contains a reinforced 6-inch designer hose, a spinning water nozzle, and six energizing spray settings.

These include bubbling massage, twisting spiral massage, bubbling massage, full spray, among others.

Drive Medical showerhead: This design by Drive Medical has a three water flow options, which produce a spa-like experience for the users.

This is achievable through the adjustable massaging head.

It has a long tangle-free hose and used either as a handle mount traditional showerhead or as a handheld showerhead. Click here to view.

Carex Handheld head: This showerhead has an extensively long hose constituting 80 inches of nylon-reinforced material.

This enables the user to take a bath from any position of the shower and even while sitting in a tub or a bath bench in the shower. View it here.

Additionally, it has an on/off control valve that regulates the flow of water.

Tips on choosing the best hand held showerheads

Ratings: Always check the ratings of hand held shower heads to determine their suitability. Not forgetting to match with the bathroom layout of shelves.

Usually, the ratings are indicated in terms of stars where, the higher the number of the stars, the more reliable the product and vice versa.

Uses: Look for a handheld shower that is multipurpose in nature in that, it can be used either as a handheld showerhead or as a fixed showerhead.

Items associated with hand held showers

Tub spout with hand held shower diverter: This is a design that fits either when intending to add a new style or replace a defective component.

Diverter for Hand Shower Chrome

This design fits perfectly with the existing designs since it has adapters that fit all tub connections and works with tubs with diverters.

It is easy to install and includes a handheld shower connection.

Bathtub faucets with handheld shower: The modern bathroom utilities are of complex nature while trying to bring the best experience to the users.

Shower Faucet With Polished Chrome

A bathtub faucet sometimes constitutes of a handheld shower, which is mostly an additional projection and includes a holder.

This is important especially when you wish to clean your feet without dirtying the bathtub.

In conclusion, it is advisable to be careful since a showerhead is a component with a long life span and uneconomical for constant replacements.

Therefore, always carry a survey for the best materials.

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