How To Install Shower Enclosure

How To Install A Shower Enclosure And The Best Enclosures.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of quiet that a shower enclosure offers you.

It is an opportunity to be alone for a moment and escape all concerns beyond attaining the ideal temperature shower to soothe your mind and body.

Shower enclosures are classy, contemporary fittings that may be installed in any house.

They are also an excellent option if you are seeking to save space in an en-suite or a small family bathroom.

Installing a shower enclosure is a typical strategy to finish off a bath space to help keep water from spilling onto the floor of the bathroom.

Enclosures can encase the shower in a tub-to-shower transition or can be stand-alone units that sit in a corner with a door and glass panel.

There are many varieties to select from; however, they all serve the same objective: to ensure water stays within the enclosure.

While the installation of a shower enclosure is well within the skill set of most property owners, think of your level of experience when determining whether or not to seek the services of an expert service provider to get the job done.

Undertaking the work yourself can help you save lots of money; however, it is essential to think of what you require before starting.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install shower enclosures:

Note: You should always turn off your water at the mains before trying any (DIY) Do-it-yourself in the bathroom.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Silicone sealant
  • Cement (stone shower trays only)
  • Door(s)
  • Valve and/or shower
  • Fixings
  • Shower tray waste
  • Shower tray
  • Frames (also called channels)
  • Building sand (stone shower trays only)
  • PVA glue (stone shower trays only)
  • Door handle(s)
  • Glass panel(s)

Tools needed:

  • Wood chisels
  • Bucket (stone shower trays only)
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Electric drill
  • Jigsaw (stone shower trays only)
  • Sealant gun
  • Claw hammer
  • Standard screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench (acrylic shower trays only)

First, you should know what kind of shower enclosure or tub is perfect for your house.

There are an array range enclosures available on the market, so you need to shop carefully.

It is also essential to take into account your lifestyle, and that of your loved ones, before you make a final decision.

After you have selected the new enclosure, you should ensure that the shower is properly waterproofed.

Contemporary shower trays are now available with a so-called “tile trim” lip that is integrated into the tray’s wall edge.

It is known in the marketplace as the “tiling upstand tray.”

This lip is important; its work is to stop water from leaking between the tiles and behind the shower.

This water seepage can result in foul odors, mold, and other issues, so it is important that space is waterproofed.

Check out the presence of a tiling upstand tray when adding or replacing a shower enclosure.

When you are installing the new the shower enclosure, make sure you outline and trim away the plastic lip on the tiling trim so as to create space for the wall before it is mounted to the wall.

Make sure that you apply lots of silicone to that cutout section so as to waterproof it well.

You should mark out a 10 mm space inside the edge of the tile tray. It will let space for the silicone to be added.

Then, the silicone can be added as a waterproof sealant before the doors are installed.

Measure the wall of the new enclosure using a level to make sure it is level. Mark out three drill holes while you are using the level.

The drill marks will mark the areas where the profile will be mounted. The shower doors will be supported by profile.

The next approach is to make sure that the shower door is lined up correctly with the shower tray.

So as to do that, you should slide the fixed shower door on the fixed wall profile, with the shower door parallel to the shower tray.

Do the same for the other side.

After your shower door is properly set, you need to join and apply any finishing details to the door.

Ensure the shower doors are held between the wall profiles, after that you can join the top and bottom corner blocks.

After lining up the blocks, the doors can be lined up and screwed together.

You can also add the so-called “vanity covers “inside the shower enclosure and to the top of the wall jambs.

The last step to installing a new enclosure is to apply a high-quality silicone sealant.

You can seal shower doors using a silicone gun, ensuring to seal entirely around the outer edge of the door.

After applying the silicone sealant, let it set for a day before using the shower.

If you are planning to install a new shower door, you need to know that there are two types available- framed and frameless shower doors.

Your final choice is determined by your bathroom’s layout and also your personal preference.

But one cannot deny the fact that frameless shower doors are not only visually attractive but also a better investment decision.

A frameless shower door mainly features panes of glass which are thick with regards to width and are fused to the walls that surround the shower.

Their primary objective is to give protection to the flooring from water thereby keeping the bathroom dry and clean.

Considering that metal is not utilized to support the glass, heavy-duty hinges perform the needed work.

Based on your requirements, the door may either be covered with patterns, clouded or transparent.

Below are some benefits of installing frameless shower doors:

  1. Accessibility

The usage of frameless doors will allow for less time taken to enter and exit the shower enclosure.

From different types of shower doors, swinging, sliding, bi-fold, you can select any of it that will suit your needs.

  1. Control

Another terrific benefit of using frameless shower doors is water control in comparison to the widely used shower curtains.

It easily prevents water from going outside the shower area.

  1. Security and safety

These shower doors are strong and highly durable.

The doors are of high quality in the event of unintended movement or force in and out the shower stall.

On top of that, they are sealed firmly to prevent any mishaps.

The usage of frameless doors will help do away with more metals.

Metals build up rust easily, which leads to corrosion.

The only metals put into use are just the hardware for securing the panels.

And you can also select stainless-steel hardware as a favorite choice.

  1. Maintenance

Cleaning is simple.

One of many ways is by the use of the various cleaning products in the market.

Using this method, it will help fill the pores of the glass to ensure it stays smooth and prevents the buildup of soap and water.

You can also use a normal cleaning material to clean the inner and outer part of the shower glass panels. Keep in mind; you should not use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Be sure to ask for help for purchasing appropriate solvents in cleaning frameless shower doors.

DreamLine Aqua Uno 34 in. Width, Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Frameless shower Tub Door

It blends a new look with a classy frameless design for a magnificent value.

The tub door combines 1/4 inch thick ANSI accredited clear tempered glass with a stunning curved silhouette for a distinctly contemporary appearance in a single panel swing door.

You can add a touch of magnificence to your bathroom with the elegantly curved lines of the AQUA Uno tub door.

Product features:

  • Cannot be clear shielded.
  • Reversible for a left or right door opening (door has a handy towel bar); Quality 1/4 in. (6mm) thick ANSI approved clear tempered glass.
  • Hardware coming with Brushed Nickel or Chrome finish
  • Note: All measurements need to be taken only after walls are completed (back walls, tiles, etc.).
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Expert installation recommended.
  • The tub is not included.
  • Note: To reduce possible water escaping outside the showering area, place the shower head opposite of the door opening directed at the tiled straight down towards the shower floor, tiled walls or fixed glass panel
  • Model comprises of a single panel swing door; doesn’t give any out-of-plumb adjustment
  • 34 in.W x 58 in. H; Frameless glass design.

Product Details:

  • Glass Kind: Clear
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Frame Type: Semi-Frameless
  • Door Opening: Hinged
  • Door Installation: Reversible
  • Product Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Glass shower enclosures make it possible for property owners to transform their bathrooms into contemporary, stylish areas.

With the proper combination of chic designs and glass enclosures to select from, you can even make your bathroom look like an expensive hotel bathroom area. Some of the benefits that they offer include:

  1. Better illumination

In case you hang a curtain over the shower, then there’s a possibility insufficient sunlight will enter the area.

This is particularly true if your bathroom’s window is situated above the shower.

With glass, natural light can shine through, so you will not need to be as reliant on the lighting fixtures.

  1. Adds style

If you would like the interior of your house to have a more modern aesthetic, then glass shower enclosures are perfect.

They are perfect for adding a sense of luxury to the area.

  1. Make the bathroom look more open

Open Bath Tub

With glass shower enclosures, your bathroom will surely have a more open feel.

You might find your room appears larger than ever without a closed off partition.

On top of that, a glass shower enclosure can permit better ventilation over a metal framed shower enclosure or traditional curtain.

  1. Low maintenance

The enclosures are easy to clean and durable.

You are unlikely to have an accumulation of mildew or mold, and you can even place a protective coating on your glass to decrease water spots or soap scum.

Glass showers are well-built and will need few repairs if any.

Walk in shower enclosures generate a high-end ambiance and can be a real wow factor in any bathroom or wet room; ideal for people who would like to create a stunning, ultra-modern look they are a terrific way to make a statement.

Things you need to know about walk-in shower enclosures:

walk-in shower enclosures

  1. Simplicity

Lots of other enclosures have a door that will determine how you get into and leave the shower.

With a walk in shower enclosures, you will have no concerns about this; you just walk through the opening and leave the same way.

These kinds of enclosures usually have a separate washing and drying area and also a cleverly placed screen to prevent splashes on the bathroom floor.

If beauty and simplicity is what your bathroom needs, then walk in showers will be certain to provide what you need.

  1. Perfect example of style

With regards to classy shower enclosures, there’s nothing that tops the walk in shower enclosures.

With notable styling and sleek curves, a walk-in shower is going to set your bathroom off and provide it with that designer appearance.

Not only do will you get unmatched style, but you will also get a smart design that provides a showering space and also a drying off area.

Instead of walking out of a typical shower and getting the floor all wet; it is possible to stay within the limits of the enclosure and dry yourself without the fear of creating an extra mess to clean up.

Combining functionality and style is what walk-in shower enclosures truly represent.

  1. Space saving

You can install walk-in showers in the smallest of bathrooms and are an ideal choice if you are not able to fit a larger shower/bathtub screen set-up.

Walk-in-showers often have glass screens, and though it cordons off part of your bathroom, the transparent screens will help to offer the illusion of extra space.

  1. Simple to clean

Another primary advantage that is included with having a walk-in shower is the fact that cleaning is easy.

Since it is created from glass, there are no metal pieces that should be regularly cleaned.

Furthermore, there are fewer areas where grime and dirt can gather and fewer corners and areas where water can gather.

The major disadvantage of having walk-in shower enclosures will have to be associated with slip hazard.

That is to say because it is an open shower, water comes out and gathers on the floor, which means you can slip and get injured when you are getting out of the shower.

Also associated with the fact that it is an open shower, hot air is free to circulate into the bathroom; therefore you will have a less relaxing environment when you are showering.

All the hot air will also produce humidity into the entire bathroom, and this is something to take into account.

What are sliding glass shower doors?

sliding glass shower doors

These are fitted into an alcove or a corner of the room to provide you with a separate showering facility within your cloakroom, bathroom, or en-suite.

Sliding glass shower doors do precisely as the name suggests, it is made so that it will slide to and fro to make it easy for you to enter into the shower cubical.

Sliding glass shower doors use a roller system, which is connected to the glass and rides in a top and bottom track to help keep the door aligned.

Choose a track style, modern (nickel or chrome) or conventional (polished brass, chrome, bronze, white brass or nickel), and a finish to suit your style.

Benefits of sliding glass shower doors:

  1. Grabbing things is easy

We have all gone through the annoying feeling of realizing we have left something we require outside of the shower.

However, with a curtain or other kinds of bathroom doors, getting what you require can be a headache.

Sliding glass shower doors help make picking up what you require, such as a shampoo bottle or a razor, rather easy.

Usually, you will not even have to leave the shower to get to what you require.

  1. Save space

Based on your bathroom size and the furniture you presently have in place, you just might not have the space to install a swinging shower door.

Sliding glass shower doors prevent your bathroom from appearing too congested.

They also make sure that your door does not bump into your wash basins and cabinets when you open them.

Installing a sliding door will not simply save space; it will actively make an impression of more space in your bathroom.

  1. Easy to clean

The procedure of cleaning shower curtains is so complex that most people opt to avoid it altogether.

Even hinged glass doors need additional effort to clean since you need to enter and exit your tub or shower continuously.

Sliding glass shower doors reduce the amount of time you put in when cleaning your bathroom.

Just slide the doors open, spray and wipe, and then you push the door to close; a lot of designs also clip off with fast release fittings.

  1. Prevent water spillage

Are you aging, and concerned that you will slip and hurt yourself on a wet floor?

Are you fed up with regularly being forced to mop your bathroom floor after a bath?

Is your shower curtain very small to effectively stop water from getting on your floor?

Do you observe that water regularly appears to be leaking from your hinged-door shower, even when it is closed?

Although hinged-door choices are fantastic for most shower trays, if your shower is bigger than a normal shower or oddly shaped, they might not be the proper fit to suit your needs.

Sliding glass shower doors are a simple yet effective solution for ensuring water remains in your shower.

Shower door rollers Sliding Tub Shower door Replacement Rollers 3/4″ by oobest

Shower door rollers Sliding Tub Shower doorRegardless of cost and brand of the shower cabin, bathtub and shower door rollers are the most typical spare part to fail, therefore most likely requiring replacements during the lifespan of the shower.

These shower doors are created from top-quality materials and fitted with nylon that makes sure the spare parts last longer.

  • The oobest rollers are simple to install and use, which will not damage your glass door.
  • This 3/4 inch tub enclosure roller is made of nylon. It comes with an oval edged design with a threaded. It is available equipped with fasteners for an easy and fast installation.
  • Nylon pulley offers safety to meet the long-term use, long service life, lightweight, does not create friction sparks, great wear resistance.
  • These rollers are attached to the top and bottom of shower doors so as to offer smooth running anytime you open and close your shower doors, can move the tub anytime to anyplace that you would like.
  • It is ideal for most bathtub, shower cabins, shower enclosures and steam cabin enclosures.

Pivot shower doors are ideal for use with all kinds of showers and are available in an array of sizes that fit flawlessly within an en-suite or bathroom.

Pivot doors are very common because of a section of the door pivoting back inside the shower tray, which makes the door a lot more practical and creates less hindrance inside the room.

The doors can be bought complete with adjustable wall profiles, which provide for simple fitting and deals with any unleveled walls.

The profiles also permit the door to be adjusted letting it be fitted within a corner or alcove of the room when bought with the optional side panel.

Pivot shower doors open outward and feature pivots at the top and bottom of the door to help support its weight, and come with framed or frameless.


If a frameless shower door interests you, a pivot door is a superb choice.

Pivots are not only ideal for supporting the weight of the heavier glass but also support its fragility.

A frameless pivot door also offers aesthetic value to your room.

You can install the door disguised as part of the wall or to ensure that it blends into the wall.

Since materials like brackets and tracks are kept to a minimum, pivot doors are simpler to clean, also.


Because of opening in an outward motion, pivot shower doors are not well suited for more compact bathrooms.

Although a low-maintenance choice when it comes to cleaning, you might have to spend a bit of time to soak up water from the floor after leaving the shower.

It is essential to know that there are numerous types of pivot doors on the market, in multiple designs and created from a variety of materials.

This is a primary reason why the pivot door is gaining popularity, and it is the best way to ensure your shower enclosure fits in flawlessly with the existing décor of your bathroom.

It is a terrific option, and it is a choice you have to think of certainly.

DreamLine Elegance 46-48 in. Width, Frameless Pivot Shower Door, 3/8″ Glass, Brushed Nickel Finish

DreamLine Frameless Pivot Shower Door

This pivot shower door or enclosure features a contemporary frameless design to for enhancing any decor with an open, appealing look.

The Elegance easily turns into the point of interest of your bathroom with a custom glass look at an incomparable price.

Select the DreamLine Elegance model for the ultimate answer to your shower project.

The glass is treated with DreamLine exclusive ClearMax anti-limescale glass coating for easy maintenance and excellent protection.

  • Walk-in Opening: 29 1/2 inch.
  • Flooring threshold depth has to be a minimum of 1-1/2 inch.
  • DreamLine exclusive ClearMax protective anti-limescale glass coating.
  • Inline Panel Width: 12 inches.
  • Reversible for a left or right door opening to fit your specific layout.
  • Configuration: Shower Door with Inline panel.
  • Anodized aluminum wall profiles.
  • Frameless glass design to offer an open and airy feel to your shower area.
  • Two glass shelves offer convenient storage.
  • Model Size: 46 – 48 inch W x 72 inch H.
  • Inline panel needs Glass Shelves for added stability.
  • Wall profiles permit up to 1-inch adjustment per out-of-plumb (uneven walls) or per side for width.
  • Solid brass pivot hardware.
  • Chrome finish hardware.
  • Optional SlimLine matching shower base offered on select model sizes (sold separately).
  • Premium 3/8 inch (10mm) thick ANSI approved tempered glass for an expensive look.
  • Professional Expert installation recommended.
  • Note: All measurements have to be taken only after walls are finished (back walls, tiles, etc.).

Bifold shower doors add a contemporary and sleek aspect to the shower enclosure.

The doors comprise of shaped folding parts. They are set on some rollers included on a set of tracks, which let them slide when opened.

These doors open inwards into the shower like an accordion. But they do not use up a lot of space when opened.

Bifold doors are a practical answer for efficient space usage in the bathroom.

Think of the benefits of bifold shower doors listed below.

  1. Affordable

Not only is the design practical for shower enclosures, but it is also inexpensive.

You can get bifold doors in a wide variety.

The flexible variety makes it simple to find something that fits the size of your pocket and suits the needs of your bathroom.

  1. Better shower access

Considering that the doors use up little of your shower space, it will allow greater shower access.

It improves the shower’s functionality.

You can shower in a more comfy surrounding.

This is both therapeutic and calming. It also makes it much easier for the disabled or senior to use the shower, without much discomfort because of space limitations.

  1. Versatile

A wide selection of bifold doors can be purchased on the market.

The doors are available in different colors, materials, and styles.

Some of the shades you will come across include chrome, transparent, white and silver. These blend nicely with many bathroom decors.

If considering glass doors, you can choose from frosted, transparent or tinted. Glass is a stylish option.

It offers a sleek look to the bathroom. The doors can be created to fit whatever size you need.

This makes it simple for you to get what is suited to your needs.

  1. Perfect for corner bathrooms

Corner bathrooms need specific design aspects to make sure they are more comfortable.

Space is usually a constraint in the corner bathroom.

Bifold shower doors blend nicely with the design features of a corner bathroom.

They permit efficient usage of space while promoting the shower’s functionality.

  1. Less water drips outside

Bifold shower doors open inwards into the shower.

This helps prevent much water from dripping onto your bathroom floor.

You will have less work cleaning a wet floor after shower use with bifold doors.

This will help you save time, which enhances your time efficiency.

  1. Space saving

Space is usually confined to the bathroom. This makes a cramped bathroom where resting as your shower is hindered.

The good news is, you can improve on a few of the inadequacies in your bathroom.

Choose design ideas that will make maximum usage of space. The bifold design is perfect for small bathrooms.

The doors blend well with the limited space. They don’t encroach a lot into the shower enclosure, making it possible for you to shower in a much more relaxed manner.

You need not be limited by shower doors that can be an impediment to movement in and out of the shower.

Corner shower stalls are a great option for people who value convenience and functionality.

Furthermore, if a corner shower unit also has a frameless design; it automatically transforms your bathroom into an ultra-modern space and stylish area.

In fact, shower corner is an area in the bathroom, created by two walls perpendicular to each other.

Of course, you can choose from a great range of corner shower stalls designs.

And the selection will mostly rely on the bathroom layout.

That is because the availability of structural wall partitions or load-bearing walls in the bathroom is a matter of the huge significance.

Benefits of corner shower stalls:

corner shower stalls

  • You get modern bathroom interior design.
  • Such a glass shower stall helps considerably decrease the consumption of water. To fill the bath, you require five times more water.
  • You can use space saved in the bathroom because of the corner shower stall placement for installation of additional structures and devices.
  • The time needed for taking a shower is much less compared to taking a bath. This also allows you to save water and, accordingly, your hard earned money.
  • The glass construction will take the smallest possible space that is very crucial if your bathroom is small.

Corner Shower stalls: Shape Choices

The shape choices for corner shower stalls are determined by the shape of the shower tray. So, here are examples of shower tray shapes to consider:

  • Pentagon
  • Rectangular
  • Semi-circular
  • Quadrant
  • Square

The reasonability of choice of a specific shower tray shape will depend on both personal aesthetic preferences and usability needs.

Installing corner shower stalls for small bathrooms can provide you with a good deal more flexibility in your design choices for your small bathroom.

You can now incorporate doors with one or two panels to make your own shower enclosure size, and the corner entry, quadrant, and offset shower enclosures are now offered.

DreamLine Prime 33 in. D x 33 in. W Kit, with Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure in Chrome, White Acrylic Base, and Backwalls

Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure

This entire kit comes complete with back walls, a sliding shower enclosure and in one convenient package for simple pairing and unit installation.

The Prime kit adds bold design and style to your shower area.

The neo-round sliding design of the Prime enclosure can squeeze into practically any corner, which makes it great for smaller to mid-size bathrooms, where space is restricted.

The qQ-Wall Backwall kit and prime enclosure, SlimLine™ shower base offer the ultimate solution to your shower project.

  • Created from durable acrylic/ABS materials; depth might be reduced from 40 inches to 30 inches; specifically made to be installed over existing solid surface not directly against the studs.
  • Items contained in the package: QWALL-4 shower backwall kit, prime shower enclosure and 3 in x 33 in quarter round shower base; overall kit dimensions: 33 in D x 33 in W x 76-3/4 in H.
  • Anodized aluminum guide rails and profiles; stationary panel: two 10-1/2 in panels; door walk-in: 17-9/16 inches walk-in: 17-9/16 inch
  • Out-of-plumb adjustment: up to 1-inch per side; chrome hardware finish; prime shower enclosure: 31-3/8 in W x 31-3/8 in D x 72 in H; frameless glass design; 1/4 in(6 mm) thick ANSI certified clear tempered glass enclosure.
  • Two sliding panels, flanked by two stationary panels generate a spacious center opening; expert installation recommended.
  • Integrated Corner drain configuration (drain is not included); fiberglass reinforcement for durability; incorporated tile flange for simple installation and waterproofing; cUPC certified; plumbing codes differ by state; DreamLine is not accountable for code compliance.
  • Shower backwall kit comes with 2 corner shelves that fit together to make a finished wall structure and 2 tile pattern panels.
  • 33-inch x 33-inch quarter round shower base: slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering; high-quality stain and scratch resistant acrylic; slip-resistant textured.
  • Product warranty: shower back walls: limited 1-year manufacturer warranty; shower enclosure: limited lifetime manufacturer warranty; shower base: limited lifetime manufacturer warranty enclosure.

Most people who have issues standing to take a shower for one reason or another and still wish to be in a position to do so in the privacy of their own bathrooms usually find the usage of a shower seat allows them to achieve this.

Shower stalls with seat have a lot of advantages.

The most obvious advantage of having a shower stall with a seat is that first of all, a shower stall is small in size so it can easily squeeze into your bathroom, and that the second thing is, with a seat, it provides you with a slightly more luxurious bathing experience.

Other than this obvious advantage, you will find some more advantages that you can get by installing a shower stall that has a seat.

If you are trying to bounce back from a health problem and are slightly weak, the seat in the shower stall should be able to make it simpler for you to shower without exhausting yourself too much.

Benefits of considering the usage of shower stalls with seat in your bathroom:

The most obvious advantage of having a shower stall with a seat is that first of all, a shower stall is small so it can easily fit into your bathroom, and that the second is, with a seat, it provides for a slightly more high-class bathing experience.

Besides this obvious benefit, you can get some more benefits that you could have by installing a shower stall which includes a seat.

  • You will find that there are specific shower stalls with seats available for people who are handicapped, making it convenient for such people to shower without much help.
  • If you are recuperating from a sickness and are a little weak, the seat in the shower stall can easily allow it to be simpler for you to shower without exhausting yourself too much.
  • Simply take a seat to shave your legs in a relaxed position in a shower stall with seat. Life could not get any simpler.
  • The senior will benefit the most from this setting since it permits them to take a bath comfortably.

Fiberglass Shower enclosures are the most enclosures are the durable kinds of shower stalls on the market, particularly for people who have difficulty standing for a long time.

The reason being fiberglass is a durable, skid-proof, scratch resistant material.

The likelihood of slipping is minimal when in a shower stall created from fiberglass.

It is long-lasting, inexpensive, and, easily installable, which makes it the best choice as a one-piece shower stall that comes with a seat.

Bio Clean: Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover (40oz Large)

Hard Water Stain RemoverEco-friendly and safe: Abrasive based and created from a non-chemical compound.

Smells terrific and works Incredible.

The biodegradable formula produces no harmful fumes or bad odor.

  • Professional hard water stain remover: Buy the powerful commercial and industrial strength that removes mold, rust, stains, mildew, and spots. Remove many years of unwanted hard minerals. Remove etched in rust, hard water buildups, and limescale. Regardless of how many years the unsightly stains have been accumulating. Bio-Clean eliminates and removes the unsightly stains like they were never there.
  • Restore and renew: Solution to mild to severe hard water stains. Treat and seal surfaces that appear hazed and foggy. Bring your surfaces back to life.
  • Removes rust stains , mineral limescale, calcium and acid rain: Bio-Clean Hard water stain remover features safe abrasives that effectively eradicates limescale, hard water stains, and rust from: Hard Vinyl, Porcelain, Shower doors, Chrome, Stone, BBQ, Stainless Steel, Steel, Shower Glass, Pools, Windshields, Marble, Brass, Toilets, Bathtubs, Windows, Autos, Shower stalls, Fiberglass, Metals, Aluminum, Tile, Sinks, and Granite.
  • Trusted by homeowners and experts for frequent and detail cleaning- without concerns. Bio-Clean is successfully utilized in supermarkets, manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and other public facilities with surfaces that are hard to clean.

There are many people who would prefer to use a bathtub enclosure for their shower compared to installing a completely new shower stall. Most bathrooms are the most compact rooms in the home.

Therefore, when you are planning on a shower stall, you need to think of all possibilities so as to use the space you have to work with.

For example, utilizing a bathtub enclosure will save you space and provides you with the chance to select from several bathtub shower doors, which include folding and bi-fold and sliding.

Regardless of whether you’re installing a new shower stall to your existing bathtub or searching for replacement shower doors, you are certain to get the bathtub shower doors you are searching for at your local retailers.

You have an array of doors to select from that include bi-fold doors, which can offer your bathroom a fresh look.

Using the new designs and styles of today’s bathtub shower doors is both inexpensive and smart since it is more affordable to purchase an enclosure than a whole new stall.

SUNNY SHOWER Model# B020. Frameless Bypass Sliding Bathtub Doors.

Frameless Sliding Bathtub Doors

These sliding bathtub doors ingeniously merge shower features with the fashion sense, elegance, skillfully balance shower functionality and your privacy.

1/4 inch thick ANSI approved tempered clear glass move smoothly on the glides fluently on the aluminum guide rails.

A convenient walk-in opening is created by the two smooth bypass sliding doors.

Width adjustment from 56 inches to 60 inches (Cut the top and bottom rail track to fit your size).

Select this bathtub door and you will find that it makes your bathroom look stunning.

Product description

  • Both in the high-class design and the finest choice of raw materials, SUNNY SHOWER is committed to offering you the best products.
  • They ingeniously merge shower functions with the beauty sense.
  • Two sliding bypass door permits entry to the shower from right or left side provides the maximum flexibility to you.
  • Matching use rollers produce a quite, smooth gliding operation on the aluminum guide rails.
  • To decrease water, you need to place the interior panel to be positioned close to the shower head.
  • Bottom and top guide rails can be trimmed up 4 inches to in .to fit your size.
  • 1/4 inch ANSI certified tempered clear glass offer you safe use guarantee.
  • This B020 classic series sliding shower door streamlined look, simple contemporary design that will go well with for your bathroom decors.

If you are searching for a fast solution to creating the ideal showering experience for the bathroom, then you need to look no further than a self-contained shower pods.

These complete shower pods give you the freedom to quickly install your new shower area and never have to concern yourself with selecting the correct shower tray or re-tiling because they are self-contained shower units.

These shower pods cubicles give an uncomplicated and elegant solution when seeking to add an all in one shower stall to your bathroom area.

The advantage of a self-contained shower pods is pod that they are simple to install, clean and maintain making them a favorite choice of enclosure.

Buy these self-contained shower pods this, and you will be amazed at how easily these elegant pods can fit seamlessly into your bathroom.


Shower enclosures are different.

They will not all squeeze into the same size spaces. You will find that there are some that are strictly created for adults, and there are some that are friendly to children.

You should select the shower enclosure that is best suited for the house you are installing it in, your lifestyle and your loved ones.

You also need the one you select to fit within your budget.

The first thing that you need to do is set a budget for the shower enclosure.

Make up your mind how much money you can practically afford to invest toward the purchase of this unit.

You also have to consider whether or not you should employ somebody to carry out the installation and plumbing of this unit for you or if you can do-it-yourself.

After that, you should think of the amount of space you have for installing the shower enclosure, click here to learn more.

This helps you to know what style and size of shower enclosure you can practically install in your house.

Keep in mind that there are variations of these items, which are supposed to be installed in corners, to ensure that they occupy less space.

The items are also available in several different sizes to ensure you will have no problem finding the best one for your room size.

You have to think of your loved ones and the way that you will utilize the shower enclosure. In case you have a family, and the whole family is going to be using the item then you need one that is more durable, and more practical.

Your shower will probably be used to get your body clean and then exit as fast as possible.

You might want to think of one that has a hinged door to enable you to keep water off of the floor and outside the shower enclosure.