Bathroom Shower Shelves

Top Range Shower Shelves For Your Bathroom Decor

Adding elegance and class to your house does not require you to sell an arm and a leg in the process.

Most of us focus one the major areas in our homes when thinking of design and renovation, yet we forget the simple rooms such as the bathroom.

Installing shower shelves is a simple, creative and unique option you can choose that will give your shower a facelift in minutes.

Though a small space in the home, after a long day at work, a nice long hot shower is a refreshing way to rejuvenate yourself and get you back to feeling alive.

The shower therefore becomes a private space for relaxation and unwinding even if it is in the morning when you are getting ready for the day.

There is so much that one can do to make their experience in the shower more enjoyable and one of the simple ways is having shower shelves to hold all your essentials without you having to leave the shower to reach for them.

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You may refer to them as shower shelves, shower baskets, shower caddies; they are all shower storage types that add functionality to your shower cubicle in your bathroom decor.

You can either buy shower shelves/ shower caddies at the store for a reasonable price or you can have them built in during construction or renovation of the shower.

Shower shelves built in

Shower shelves built in can come in several forms, the most unique being the shadow box which is basically a recessed shelve that goes into the wall.

They offer room to put your shampoo, soap, or other bathroom accessories you might need in the shower.

The unique thing about them is that you determine the size you want for the shelves.

You can decide to design them as a horizontal rectangular niche which allows room for items horizontally.

You can decide to increase the height such that you can add tile or glass shelving to increase room vertically for more items.

All in all they are unique and add class and sophistication to your bathroom space to even the simplest shower enclosure all the while keeping it simple and neat.

The biggest benefit of having built in shower shelves is that they will not take up space in your shower and they are very stable and durable.

Shower Corner Shelves for tile

Tile in the bathroom is one of the most common materials used. Shower shelves for tile are easy to clean, comes in different shapes, sizes and patterns making them ideal for every home.

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Tile is also a very durable material and has low maintenance needs, making it very ideal for areas such showers that experience a lot of wear and tear from the constant contact with water.

Instead of using them to just cover the walls, you can create shelves using the tile to not only add storage space for your shower accessories, but to also give your shower an extra kick in style.

Usually tile shower shelves are built in during construction; however you can easily do this when renovating your shower. You can make wall shelves or have corner shelves either of the two works.

Ceramic shower shelves

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Add a traditional yet modern style to your shower, making it look more exciting and inviting.

Ceramic tiles in themselves can be simple or they can have very dynamic and intricate designs giving you a wide variety to choose from to suite your specific style.

They are a wonderful change from the basic white tiles that are found in bathrooms. They break the monotony and create a more vibrant design.

Glass shower shelves

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Glass shower shelves are simply put, statement shelves. They are classy, clean, modern and unique.

Glass in itself is a very sophisticated material to add to your home and having them in the shower simply adds this to your shower.

You may be put off because of the thought that glass tends to be fragile, however the glass used to make these shelves is usually thick glass, made specifically to hold up for long.

Installation will greatly depend on your preferences, either at a corner, on the side of a wall or recessed, it will greatly depend on your preferences and needs.

Bathroom Shower caddy

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Shower caddies are shower shelves or accessories that you purchase at a store and go to install them in your shower enclosure by yourself or have someone install them if they require more man power.

They come in a wide variety that you get to choose from, they can either be plastic, metallic, glass or even ceramic or tile.

From simple rectangular slab shapes, to triangle corner shapes, basket or even a cluster of shelves, the choices are endless.

Some even come in a combination of shelves and basket; others can be mounted into or on the wall while others are simply placed on the floor.

All of them serve the same purpose of providing storage for your bathroom accessories.

Shower shelves corner

Shower shelves corner

Shower shelves corner are the best when it comes to utilizing space to the maximum.

This is because corners are one of the most underutilized spaces of any room or space, having a corner shower shelf is a key way of using this blank space.

They work best for small bathrooms that have limited space.

One of the best qualities about them is that you can have as many shelves as you need simply increasing them either vertically up or down without occupying too much space.

The best part is that you can have them in the material of your liking whether it is tile, ceramic, metallic, glass or plastic, whichever fits your needs and preferences.

Next time you are looking into a having a home renovation project, don’t forget about your bathroom.

Having shower shelves might be what you need to uplift your space and making it more functional and more stylish.

From the simple but classy recessed shower shelves, to the most innovating wall mounted to the corner shower shelves and the baskets, you can transform you simple shower cubicle into a getaway you look forward to using everyday.

List of the top rated shower shelves are below:

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