Bathroom Towel Racks Free Standing

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Towel racks are a must have in every bathroom. In most cases the large the household the more racks are needed.

This therefore means that we cannot run away from purchasing a towel rack whether we like it or not.

Instead of heading to the nearest store and purchasing what’s in sight, why not look at the variety available then make an informative decision?

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With the large variety in the market, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

Wall Mounted Towel Racks: Wall mounted are the basic type of towel racks found in most homes.

They are a convenient, strong and durable option that suits most household’s bathroom storage needs.

They come in different sizes, materials and styles, from more traditional options to modern dynamic designs; they are a classic bathroom accessory.

The biggest benefit is that you will not need to purchase a towel rack once you move into your home since most are usually installed during construction.

Because they are wall mounted, they are strong enough to hold up considerable amounts of weight without buckling.

They are good for small households that do not need a lot of space for hanging towels; however for large households they may not give enough room.

2 tier wall mount rack with towel bars

This is where free standing towel racks best come in handy.

Wall mounted towel racks are made out of several materials e.g. wood, nickel, bronze, brass, satin and wrought iron.

The type of material to choose for your specific bathroom will depend on your bathroom design and style as well as your preferences as each material has its own specific unique qualities that make it beautiful.

Wall Mounted Towel Rack with Shelf; Wall mounted towel racks with a shelf are a more advanced wall mounted bar towel rack.

They are unique and a better rack as they have a bar at the bottom and a bathroom shelf at the top.

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The rack offers more storage for your towels, soap dish and other bathroom accessories you may be having.

They are a functional addition as much as they are aesthetic as they come in several curved designs and they look unique in your bathroom.

They are definitely a better option for your bathroom storage compared to a simple wall mounted towel bar.

Free Standing Towel Racks

In case your wall mounted towel rack does not offer enough room, you can purchase a free standing towel rack from a store.

They are a convenient additional storage space for your towel and linens.

They are usually about 4’ high, they come with a base to keep the frame stable and a railing to hang your towels.

Installing them is really quite easily, they are portable and they come with more features compared to wall mounted racks.

Free Standing Towel Racks

Here are some benefits oh why choosing a free standing towel rack may be a better option for you than a wall mounted towel rack;

They are easy to install; free standing towel racks do not have any fixing requirements.

For wall mounted towel racks, you need to drill the wall and screw them in place which sometimes damages the wall and is a permanent fixture on the wall.

install free standing towel racks

They are portable; as the name suggests, free standing towel racks stand on their own, they can be easily moved around from one location to another.

This is good news when you are moving homes because in the case of wall mounted, you may  have to unmounts them from the wall or just leave them and install new ones in your new home.

Because free standing towel racks are portable, you can move them closer to you when you are in the bath as compared to wall mounted towel racks which you need to stand and walk to the towel rack while dripping water all over you floor.

This makes free standing towel racks more convenient for you.

At any time you can dismantle the rack and store it in a drawer in case you need to create room in your bathroom.

They have greater capacity; free standing towel racks come in several designs some having up to five racks, some come with a built-in bathroom shelf to store your folded towels, magazines, soap dishes, scented candles and other bathroom accessories.

This is especially beneficial for large households that are in need for extra storage space.

Better designs; free standing towel racks often come in more creative designs than wall mounted towel racks.

The most popular of the free standing towel racks is the chrome and stainless steel types which fit perfectly with any bathroom design you may have.

You are not limited in materials either, there are wooden types, brass types, satin types, wrought iron types, bronze types and nickel types.

The design does not remain limited to the basic railing type, some come in different shapes like branch types to bring a more decorative effect.

Some even have hot rails to keep your towels hot and facilitate faster drying.

Types Of Free Standing Towel Racks;

*The basic free standing towel racks

These are the simple towel rack or bar held with a frame and a base for support. They can either be a single bar or multiple bars that hold several towels at a time.

*Standing towel rack with shelf

These are free standing towel racks that either have a shelf at the top or bottom of the frame.

They offered added storage space for your folded towels, soap dishes, bathroom slippers, shower caps, scented candles and any other bathroom accessories you may be having.

*Chrome towel stand

Chrome towel stand

Chrome towel stand simply referred to the coating material chromium being used to coat the underlying stand material.

They are very popular towel racks mainly because they look really stylish and chick because they are more reflective and more spectacular than other finishes. Click Here to order Now.

In case you are wondering where to purchase some towel racks whether they are wall mounted or free standing towel racks in the best designs in the market, then Walmart’s variety of towel racks will definitely suite your needs.