Towel Rack With Knobs

Chic Towel Rack With Knobs Which Suit Your Bathroom.

Towel racks have moved from the classical towel rack bar to a more simplistic towel rack with knob.

They are the modern, simplistic towel rack design and their popularity is only growing.

This is mainly due to the increasing interest in interior design and the growing number of interior designers in the market.

These designers also recommend you match your towel racks to your bathroom shower shelves for a lavish feel.

Everyday newer, simpler and more unique designs are being created to develop more functional and aesthetic spaces for everyone.

The towel rack with a knob takes some of its design from towel racks with hooks but instead of having hooks in place, we have what resembles and sometimes is actually door knobs.

The look unique in which ever space you put them whether in the bathroom, a hallway sink or even in the kitchen.

The towel rack with knobs is a fun, eclectic design that brings a sense of youthfulness and carefree aspect to you space.

They come in different designs from a more basic rack with the knobs protruding, or you can choose the more fun and exciting actual door knobs.

The design will depend on your taste and preferences as the rack with knobs is more of a solid and firm look while the door knobs looks more youthful and carefree.

You can also choose a rack that has up to four knobs to add more space to hang your towels.

DIY Towel Rack With Knobs

They also come in different materials namely; glass knobs, plastic knobs, ceramic knobs,metallic knobs and even wooden knobs.

Each material comes with its very own aesthetic appeal and unique design aspect to suit different peoples taste.

  • The glass knobs have a vintage look resembling crystals. Those that are well polished reflect light with makes them very beautiful and add class to your space.
  • Wooden knobs bring a natural feel to your space. The natural color and pattern on wood itself is unique and eye catching
  • Metallic knobs are a classic and they come in brass, wrought iron or nickel, each being uniquely different from the other in style. The knobs can be matt or polished all depending on your style and preference, however each on will add a touch of creativity to you bathroom.
  • Plastic knobs are great because they can be shaped into whatever shape you want, instead of having a simple door knob shape, you can opt for a sink knob instead, a star fish design all depending on your taste. They variety of shape you can achieve with plastic makes it popular and convenient to serve everyone.

Standing Towel Rack

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Standing towel racks or free standing towel racks are a convenient storage option for your towels.

They are usually in 4’ high; they have a supportive base that holds the frame in place and the having railing to hang your towels on.

Free standing towel racks are easy to install as they come with manufacturers guides of how to put the pieces together.

They come with more features and variety that towel racks with knobs and wall mounted towel racks as they can have shelves and baskets for more storage space that can be used for bathroom accessories as well.

Free standing towel racks come with several benefits some of which are;

Easy installation; each free standing towel rack package comes with manufactures instructions on how to set up the towel rack and the installation is usually very easy.

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They are portable; free standing towel racks can be placed anywhere you like making them very convenient as you do not need to walk across your bathroom dripping water on the floor to reach you towel.

They have a big storage capacity; some have up to five racks to hang your towels and shelves to put your bathroom accessories and folded towels.

They come in better designs; free standing towel racks have such a wide variety of designs to choose from with most of them nowadays being more decorative that functional pieces.

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Mordern Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Wall mounted rack are the most widely knowing towel racks there is. They are a convenient option for many people.

They are strong and in most cases you find them already installed in the home so you will not need to purchase a towel rack once you move into your new house.

They come in a variety of sizes and materials from brass, nickel, wood, satin and wrought iron. Choosing the type of material to go with will greatly depend on your preferences and the design of your bathroom.

In case you need more room to store your towels, you can purchase a towel rack that come with two, three or even four bars.

Some wall mounted racks come with a shelf which is placed on top of the bar to create more room to store more towels and bathroom accessories.

They are also a unique design and more appealing than the basic towel rack.

Over The Door Towel Rack

Over The Door Towel Rack

Over the door towel racks are much like wall mounted towel racks in installation.

They are screwed in place on the door and they are a creative way of creating storage space in the bathroom as they are using whatever space there is.

Outdoor Towel Rack

Outdoor towel racks also called pool towel racks, are free standing towel racks that are designed for the outdoors.

They are designed and manufactured to withstand whether elements and they are sturdier than indoor free standing towel racks.

They have the advantage of creating storage space for your towels while you are at the pool side and they also give your towel space to hang and dry at the same time.

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They come in metallic and wooden and plastic materials and come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes to ensure you are not limited in your options.

Their unique designs make them not only a functional piece to add to you outdoor pool area but also a decoration that adds style and aesthetics as well.

You can take a look at Top towel bars and towel racks from Walmart to see the different variety of towel racks they have if you are interested in purchasing.