Soap Dishes

Classy Soap Dishes & Dispensers To Buy When Remodeling Your Bathroom

A soap dish is just one of those small very essential bathroom accessories that most of us cannot seem to live without.

They are used mainly at the sink, the shower or near the bathtub. They may be a necessity however they can also be a bathroom accessory that is both functional and decorative.

Depending on your taste and style, sometimes choosing the right soap holder for your bathroom may be the missing link for your space.

They come in different shape, sizes, colors and materials and even though they are a small piece of the design they do cause quite a big difference in even the most simplistic bathroom designs.

When it comes to types of soap dishes to choose from you have quite a variety.

Also choose the ones that match your bathroom shower shelves to make you room look elegant.

However the two main classifications is whether you want a wall mounted soap dish or you would rather something more temporary such as a free standing soap dish.

Below are some aspects of both to help you in your decision.

Soap dish wall mount

Soap dish wall mount are installed in the finishing stages of a house construction. They are made up of a niche formed in the wall to give room for the soap to be placed.

Usually they are made out or porcelain, and ceramic and most come in white however there is a larger variety of types you can find in the market from metallic soap dishes, glass soap dishes, brass soap dishes to mention a few.

The benefits of wall mounted soap dishes is with their functionality, they come with the bathroom therefore you do not have to go make extra costs of purchasing a soap dish when you moving into your new home.

They are also permanent therefore you do not have to worry about them being misplaced, broken or tampered with unlike a mobile soap dish.

They are classy and give a nice traditional look to your bathroom

The problem with wall mounted soap dishes is that unless the house is yours or you were involved in the design phase of the house, you do not have a say as to the design of soap dish you want.

Making changes means contracting an expert to remove and fix a new wall mounted soap dish which is costly especially compared to purchasing a mobile soap dish.

The drainage of the soap usually runs you’re your shower wall tiles which in some cases lead to a white discoloration on your tiles that is sometimes hard to get rid of.

Another problem that comes with wall mounted soap dishes is that your soap tends to fall off a lot which is usually annoying for many people.

Free Standing Soap Dish

free standing soap dish

Free standing soap dishes are popular choice compared to the wall mounted soap dishes for several reasons.

They do not require to be installed; unlike wall mounted soap dishes, you simply purchase a free standing soap dish from the store and use it immediately as it is.

Wall mounted soap dishes on the other hand require to be installed into the wall which is quite a tedious process.

Soap Dishes & Dispensers From Amazon

They are portable; free standing soap dishes are portable and can therefore move from one location to another.

You can keep your soap dish next to you while you are having a bath, you can keep the near a sink in the shower, basically wherever you need them.

Wall mounted soap dishes and dispensers on the other hand are permanently fixed to the wall and thus you cannot move them.

The come in better designs; free standing soap dishes come in a variety of design styles.

They have become more of an aesthetic bathroom accessory rather can only functional.

They are made from a variety of materials as well from the common plastic soap dishes to, more unique and stylish ceramic soap dishes and metal soap dishes.

You can find soap dishes that accommodate more than one soap piece, some come with toothbrush cups or holders, others are simple basin shapes while other are a lot more complex.

Draining Soap Dish

Draining soap dish

Draining soap dishes are a popular choice because they have openings at the bottom to drain the excess water that is usually left on soap after using them.

Some draining soap holders are tilted to allow the water to drain freely using gravity to help.

The benefit of using a draining soap dish is that they help the soap to last longer and to remain hard.

Water tends to dissolve and soften soap so you end up using the soap for a shorter period of time.

Ceramic Soap Dish

Elegant Ceramic soap dish

Ceramic soap dishes usually come in wall mounted soap dishes, however there are free standing ceramic soap dishes as well.

The popularity of ceramic soap dishes comes from the distinct of the ceramic material on its own.

Ceramic soap dishes add class and a posh style to your bathroom and make you bathroom design look more modern and clean.

Plastic Soap Dish.Plastic soap dishPlastic soap dishes are the simplest of all the soap dishes and they are also probably the most in number.

This is mainly because they are easier to manufacture especially in bulks and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden soap dishes also known as wood soap decks, wood soap pallets, wooden soap holders, wood soap trays or wooden soap stations are beautiful and add a natural touch to your space.

They are a unique option from the usual soap dish materials typically used as you would normally not expect a soap dish to be made out of wood.

Usually they are made from cedar wood, hemu wood, bamboo or acacia wood and it is the unique design of wood itself that make them so popular.

Travel soap dish

Travel soap dish from Mastel

Travel soap dishes are a convenient type that allows you to travel with your soap without having to use different surfaces to place your soap which may be unsanitary.

Most are made out of plastic, they come with a cover to keep the soap in place and the bottom has openings to allow water to drain through the soap holder.

Ps. It is advisable to match bathroom accessories like waste paper bins, toilet roll holders and so on to your soap dishes.

This makes room welcoming and not so busy thus becomes relaxing.

Soap Dispenser With Suction Cup

The soap dispenser with suction cup is dependent on hand pressure to dispense the soap. Soap dispensers with suction cups are brilliant items for use, especially in the home setting.

All kinds of washing liquids can be filed into these dispensers. They include: soap, shower gels, emulsions, and other cleaners of choice.

They are easy to refill, and attach easily to flat surfaces with suction cups.

Additionally, these dispensers do not pose limitations on space, hence can be operated in whatever orientation or whichever flat surface.

These surfaces include mirrors, tiles or even glass.

To save on space, they can be installed on the wall of choice within your space.

Other than attaching them to walls, they can be attached to other horizontal surfaces without them toppling over by mistake.

This is because the suction cups for these are right at the bottom, and hold the dispensers in place.

Soap dispensers with suction cups are easy to setup within your space of choice, and are also very easy to use.

For instance, they usually come with soap level markers that guide you when refilling.

Others also come with water level markers, in case you would like to dilute the soap, or dispense foam instead.

Soap dispensers with suction cups are ordinarily designed so well, such that they have good bearing strength.

They are also very handy, because they can be used one-handed. For this reason, all kinds of people can use them with ease.

Koizol Salto Soap Dispenser

Koizol salto soap dispenser

Koizol salto bird dispensers are the most fun, most hilarious soap dispensers with a suction cup.

They are a product of the company Koizol, which produces fun items for domestic and commercial use, in the shape of animals.

The Salto dispenser is in the shape of an actual bird, and its legs are attached to the suction cup.

They are made out of plastics, which come in various vibrant colors such as: green, orange, blue and red.

The dispensers’ beaks however are in a standard orange, which stick out in the direction of the user.

These beaks then are the points where the soap is dispensed. The most outstanding features of these Koizol salto soap dispensers is that they are brightly colored, fun and are extremely functional.

Here are some must-knows about soap dispensers with suction cups.

Firstly, the surface where the soap dispenser is to be installed needs to be cleaned, before the suction cup can be mounted.

Clean surfaces ensure that the dispensers have better grip.

Secondly, the suction cup needs to be rinsed under running water, and air dried before use.

It also would be best to leave the soap dispenser with suction cup stuck on the surface of choice for about 12 hours after its assembly.

This will allow for the suction to adhere better.

Lastly, ensure that the screws for the suction cups are re-tightened every 3 months, for increased stability.

Suction cup soap dishes

Suction cup soap dishes

Suction cup soap dishes are also an interesting bathroom accessory.

They are wall mounted soap dishes which are secured to non-porous walls, without using drills or screws.

Because of the mounting that is done using the suction method, the walls of your bathroom remain undisturbed.

A majority of these soap dishes are made in stainless steel, or zinc plated steel.

This is because they need to stay rust free, neat and presentable; despite their frequent contact with water. Usually, the soap dishes are designed with holes that allow for the water in the soap to drip through after use.

Suction cup soap dishes are available at stores such as Walmart.

Walmart offers these suction soap dishes from various manufacturers’ in aluminum and acrylic.

Some of the suction cup soap dishes offered have other interesting additions such as razor hooks that keep your razor at arm’s length.

The best thing about shopping for suction cup soap dishes at Walmart is that they offer a wide range of these products, at different prices.

This means that the items are readily available; hence purchasing them is pocket friendly for any kind of customer.

Target also offers suction cup soap dishes. Other than just displaying the images and prices of these items, additional information is also made available.

This includes installation instructions and customer reviews.

Suction Cup Soap Dishes for the Shower

Suction cup soap dishes for the shower

There are also other suction dishes available in the market. These are the suction cup soap dish for the shower.

They come in such interesting shapes and handy sizes that can be either large or quite tiny depending on different preferences.

You can choose to go with colors that are reserved such as greys and silver or even transparent ones; so as to maintain a contemporary feel to your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can pick out more striking colors that will give your bathroom a much deserved pop of color.

Suction cup soap dishes today are almost a necessity. Why? Because these items make the organization of your shower cabin, or shower space very tidy.

Firstly, because everything including the soap dish is set in its own right place at all times.

Secondly, because their installation does not interfere with your wall finishes such as tiles by drilling or screwing.

Lastly, they are becoming a necessity because the suction cup soap holder provides for water dripping for the soap.

This feature makes sure that your soap does not get goopy over time.

These suction cup soap dishes ones are usually cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Creative uses for Suction Cup Soap Dispensers

Creative uses for suction cup soap dispenser

Suction cup soap dishes can also be used in interesting ways within interior spaces.

Because of the not-so-obvious shapes of the available suction cup soap dispensers, they can be stuck and used for practically everything else.

For instance, you can improvise it to hold your spectacles right beside your bed.

Also, you can use it to hold your notebooks and sticky notes, at close proximity from your reading table or bedside stand.

Another way of utilizing these suction cup soap holders is by placing them on your refrigerator.

Grocery lists, small communication notes for members of the family can be placed there, without actually sticking sticky notes on the fridge surface.

Additionally, the suction cup soap dispensers can be suck on your door to hold all the extra keys that are used frequently around the home.