Toilet Roll Holders

Quality Toilet Roll Holders With Suction Cup.

Growth of the interior design and home décor industry has led to every room in the house being carefully designed to not only suite clients’ needs but to also create more functional and aesthetic spaces.

The bathroom has changed from the traditional function only room into a space that can be transforming to lend your private bathroom sessions into a more relaxing experience.

Through the use of accessories and a variety of materials the bathroom can be transform from a boring white tiled space into a vibrant space in the home.

When it comes to accessories, toilet paper holders have become more and more creative compared to what they used to be traditionally.

With every new design, be it in size, color, shape or material, they have become a bathroom accessory as much as they are a need.

Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holders

Suction cup toilet paper holders

Suction cup toilet paper holders are one of the simple yet creative designs for toilet paper holders for toilet fitting design.

They come with suction cups that hold the toilet paper holder to the wall or desired surface.

You can decide to place them at any height and you can change their placement at any time in case you placed them incorrectly making them ideal for people who are not very handy.

They beat the traditional inbuilt toilet roll holders as they give you the leeway to choose the positioning of the holder and they can be placed at any height depending on your needs.

They come in a variety of materials to suite different preferences; from metallic ones to porcelain, plastic, wooden or glass you get to choose what suits you and your design best.

Toilet Freestanding Roll Holder Stand

Toilet freestanding roll holder stands

Toilet roll holder stand are free standing toilet roll holders.

The basic design includes a base that holds the stand in place, a pole that holds the roller spindle which is the main part that holds the toilet roll in place.

They come in several designs, some with adjustable heights, and some with an additional basket for holding more toilet rolls or large paper towels.

The benefit of having the free standing toilet roll holder is that; firstly they are unique and creative, they add to the aesthetics of your bathroom and remove the usual boring toilet roll holders out of the way.

Secondly being that they are free standing, they can be moved around with ease, and since some come with additional storage space, they give your storage room so that you never unexpectedly run out of toilet rolls.

Double Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet roll holder replacement spring roller spindle are usually easily purchase in stores.

They are the part that actually holds the toilet paper roll in place and give enough friction to allow you to freely roll the plies.

The basic type comes with a spring in the middle that gives room for placement and removal of the spindle.

They come in several material options, from plastic to wood, metallic and even porcelain types, each with its own uniqueness and beauty.

They can be used in recessed toilet roll holder types or they can be used on wall mounted toilet roll holders as long as they have holders that keep them in place.

With the growth in simplicity of design, the modern spindle type is a simple rod with one end that is fixed to the toilet roll holder and the other end slightly bent to ensure the toilet roll is held in place.

Ideally, they are usually found on wall mounted and free standing toilet roll holders.

Toilet Roll Holder Porcelain

Toilet roll holder porcelain with chrome

Toilet roll holder porcelain brings a traditional classy feel to the bathroom. They come in a variety of designs the most basic being the recessed holders that are mounted into the wall.

Others on the other hand are mounted directly onto the wall.

Designs range from a simple spindle held in place by two holders mounted on the wall or a bowl like surface where you place your toilet roll, to very dynamic and creative designs such as clams that cover the entire toilet roll and have space at the bottom to allow room to pull the toilet paper through.

Porcelain by itself is a beautiful and elegant material that on its own adds beauty and class to a room, thus they are a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

Recessed Toilet Roll Holder

Recessed Toilet Roll Holder stainless steel

Recessed toilet roll holders are very a traditional type of toilet paper holders.

Most are usually made during the construction of the bathroom as they are basically a niche made in the wall.

They come with shallow holes on the sides where a spring roller spindle can be placed to hold the toilet roll.

With the growth of interest in home decor, they have moved from the traditional designs into more modern options.

Instead of the traditional porcelain option, today you can get them in as many material options as you would like, the most popular being metal, and ceramic tile.

DIY Toilet Roll Holder

DIY Toilet Roll Holder

People have become more and more creative nowadays, coming up with innovative and unique toilet roll holders.

From simple designs to more complex designs, more and more people have come up with their own individual designs, most of which make use of basic day to day items that we use around the house.

The whole aspect to recycling while creating something that is personal brings the whole idea of DIY to life.

They are made out of such a wide variety of items, basically whatever you can find in the comfort of your home.

From ropes hang on hooks on a wall, bathroom shower shelves, hangers hang using pins, door handles mounted on the wall or even a basic fabric toilet paper holders hang on hooks the options are endless

With all the varieties you can find from store bought toilet roll holders, to DIY toilet roll holders, whether they will be free standing, wall mounted or recessed, the variety of toilet roll holders to choose from is endless.

Now you don’t have to settle for the simple boring toilet holders, toilet holders can be fun bathroom accessories that add character to your bathroom and brings your design together.