Review Of The Best Toilet Bowl Light You Must Have

Apart from adding led lights to your shower head, you can do the exact same thing to your toilet seat.

A toilet bowl light is a system consisting of an L-shaped bowl that has a means of light and a power source.

The L-shaped body part is fixed below the toilet seat while the means of light is fastened onto the interior of the toilet bowl.

The light means of the toilet bowl light has a switching means designed to work either manually or automatically depending on the model of the toilet bowl light.

A toilet bowl light system has several different features that come along with it and serves different purposes which can include heating up the seat.

These features are further discussed in this article.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat

Glow in the dark seats are made with high quality molded sanitary bumpers that facilitate them to endure strong chemicals as well as household cleansers.

Glow in the dark toilet seats are white in color and blend in with most toilet colors.

The seats exist in varied shapes including elongated bowls and regular round bowls.

The glow in the dark toilet seat glows with either a blue or green glow color.

The seats change with various light sources such as sunlight, light bulb, florescent light and black light.

Charging of the seats takes a few minutes and glows for approximately eight hours. Also remember you always need to clean up your toilet regularly.

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Toilet Night Light

VINTAR 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light,Toilet Bowl Lights,Cool Gadgets,5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection
  • MOTION AND LIGHT DETECTION SENSOR - The built in motion...
  • 16 COLORS & 170 DEGREES Radius- This motion activated toilet...

Toilet night light enables easy movement during dark nights.

The night light illuminates from inside the toilet bowl and its brightness are adjusted by opening or closing the bowl lid.

The toilet night light illuminates the toilet in a soft glow.

The night light is useful especially to children and elderly persons or anyone in need of using the toilet or bathroom at night.

The toilet night light is of low light intensity and does not affect nighttime visualization. The night light is automated to run on a seven-hour sequence such that it activates and deactivates at a set time.

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Toilet Bowl Light Products Review

Below are detailed reviews of the best toilet bowl nightlight. We have captured important things you need to know before you make a purchase.

Here goes;

1. LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection

LumiLux Toilet Light with Motion Detection Sensor - 16-Color LED Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light (White)
  • Makes Late Night Bathroom Trips More Convenient: The built...
  • Light Up Fun for the Whole Family: Our 16 color toilet bowl...


Light detection sensor and infrared motion sensor:

The moment you enter the toilet, the inbuilt infrared motion sensor will detect heat from your body and switch off upon exit.

The light detection sensor makes this product very sophisticated as it ensures the light in your toilet doesn’t turn on while the light in the bathroom is on or during the daytime.

Advanced 16 color motion sensor led toilet light:

By far the most sophisticated water-resistant toilet lights available; this LED toilet bowl light utilizes high-tech technology to generate the best solution to illuminate your toilet.

Choose from sixteen colors or use the carousel mode to make a rainbow in your bathroom a rainbow.


  • It has a compartment that measures about 35 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches with an arm that is flexible arm, which often extends roughly 4 inches from housing compartment.
  • It is energy efficient, safe, and fun
  • It is safe since you do not have struggle finding your way in darkness any longer, knocking walls, searching for switches, and blindly looking for the path to the toilet, during the night.
  • It is energy saving since it senses movement and heat so as to “know” when its services are required, and only switches on when it detects someone.
  • It is fun since it provides an array of colors, and can also be set to scroll through all of the shades, making a rainbow effect.
  • You can bend the flexible arm of the LumiLux advanced LED toilet light to secure the unit to any side of the toilet bowl.

Lifetime warranty and battery life:

This product’s battery has an average life of six months to one year, based on the setting of brightness that features five levels and frequency utilized.

To maximize battery life, the light detection sensor deactivates the LED light the moment it detects light.

-It needs 3 AA batteries that are sold separately.

It also comes with a low battery indicatory: red LED light blinks 5 times.

-The product has a lifetime warranty.

Product features:

Sixteen LED colors

You can select a carousel mode that when activated can cycle in a seamless manner through each shade inside your bowl or a fixed shade to go with your mood.

Children love the glowing water of their illuminated pooty.

Colors comprise of white, amber, indigo, blue, yellow, purple, teal, orange, green, red and more.

Light and motion detection sensor

The inbuilt motion sensor will automatically detect the heat of your body and light up the bathroom once you come in and switch off when exiting.

The light detection sensor deactivates the LED light the moment it detects light is on to increase battery life.

As you can see you are covered.

Five stage dimmer

It makes nightlight glow in your toilet bowl as bright or dark as you would like by choosing up to five different brightness levels.

Flexible arm

It can be bent to secure the product for any size of the toilet bowl; resting just under the seat lid and onto the rim.

The bendable arms offer a more secure fit compared to other toilet lights with low-cost suction cups.

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2. AOSTAR Toilet Night Light Motion Activated LED Toilet Bowl Light 8 Color-changing UV Toilet Lights

Products update soon.

AOSTAR UV light is definitely the best option to solve your bathroom issues.


  1. Daytime Mode

At daytime, you can press the button for two seconds to switch on the ultra-violet light to sterilize.

And then press two seconds to switch it off. Keep in mind that daytime mode consists of all visible white lights.

  1. Potty training is fun

The toilet night light is light-sensitive and motion-activated, you will no longer have to switch on the blinding light at midnight, also forget about tripping over things in the dark.

  1. Fix any toilets

The soft PVC arm of this toilet night light is much bendable, which lets it fit any toilet and will remain in place permanently.

AAA batteries ensure it is more eco-friendly and simple to reuse.

  1. Multi-color Changing

You can press the button to set one color or to allow eight colors rotate, 2 minutes overall for a single cycle. Keep in mind that the toilet light will only activate in darkness.

  1. Healthy life

The toilet light has a UV germicidal lamp that can kill 99 percent of bacteria in the toilet, Helps keep your bowl clean and safe; protect you and your family’s health.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Light Source: LED
  • Special function: Motion Sensor, Motion Activated, light sensitive fits for any toilet
  • Voltage: 4 .5V
  • Battery: 3 x AAA Batteries (Not included)
  • Power: 0.1W
  • Product weight/size: 0.04kg, 6.8×6.7×1.7cm
  • Sensing distance: 2 to 3 meters
  • Package weight/size: 0 .06kg, 7x5x8.5cm

Key Features:

Ultra-violet sterilization light:

The toilet light is not only a night light, and it features a UV sterilization lamp that will easily kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, keeping your toilet safer and cleaner.

It will remain on for 25 seconds and off for five seconds, such four cycles overall will take 2 minutes.

Light sensitive and motion activated:

The unit only activates when it is dark.

When motion is detected, the toilet bowl light automatically switches on and remain on for 120 seconds after last motion.

The detection range of the toilet bowl light is 2 to 3 meters; it may also change between eight different shades to show the location.

Satisfactory guaranteed:

AOSTAR 24-hour, risk-free 100% money-back guarantee, six months replacement and 6-months life-time technical support.

Simple to install:

The arm is adjustable and flexible, all you have to do is insert the batteries, then bend the arm around the bowl and have it facing the bathroom door in order that it can detect your movement better.

Eight colors and two modes: 

Eight different shades and two function modes add lots of fun while you use the toilet.

Press the button to fix a single shade that you want, press once more to allow eight colors rotate.

Colors change at random every fifteen minutes and 2 minutes overall in a single cycle.

8-colors toilet light is eco-friendly and more energy-efficient compared to 16-color one.

Keep in mind that the AOSTAR toilet night light will switch off instantly when detecting movement and the colorful light begins to work.

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3. Motion Activated LED Light,8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Nightlight for Bathroom[Battery Not Included]

Toilet Night Light 2Pack by Ailun Motion Sensor Activated LED, 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Illuminate Nightlight for Bathroom Battery Not Included Perfect with Water Faucet Light
  • Motion-Activated LED Sensor: The LED Toilet Light with high...
  • Ultra-water resistant and can be cleaned with most household...

Product Features:

  1. Simple to clean and install:

Driven by 3 AAA batteries, it is easy to clean up due to its simple design.

  1. Creative illumination design:

Select between color-cycle or eight single colors, this lamp will make your toilet gorgeous and simple to use at night. You can color rotation or keep one color on this bowl of light.

  1. ultra-water resistant:

This allows it to be cleaned up with most household cleaners.

Forget about messy cleanups. It’s a dream to find your way safely and easily without any concerns, the perfect option for modern life.

  1. One year warranty:

The pack comes with two nightlights in total. Toilet night light (2pack) by ailun, motion activated led light is made with a flexible and soft PVC neck, which can be bent easily to adapt to any toilet type, no matter the shape of the toilet bowl.

  1. Motion-activated led sensor:

The top quality motion sensor and light sensor will automatically switch on when it detects motion and remain on for 120 seconds after last motion, which helps to protect your children from falling over things in the darkness.


  • Light Color: 8-color
  • Bulb type: LED
  • Fixture feature: motion sensor
  • Power Supply: 3xAAA batteries (Battery not included)

Smart and Considerate Motion-activated sensor

-130 degrees and two-meter detection distance coverage sensor will switch on when you come close.

-It will remain on for 120 seconds after last motion to make it easier to find your way back.

-Sensor distance: 2meters

Note: It functions best if the sensor is facing the door.

User-friendly and easy to fix in any toilet

The flexible Soft PVC arm, allows it to fit any toilets and durable materials makes it simple to remain in shape and maintain steadily.

Two modes: color rotation mode and single mode.

This toilet night light will light your way in the dark bathroom and protects children from tripping over things in the dark down.

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4. 16-Color Motion Activated Toilet Light Night FREE BATTERIES INCLUDED Toilet LED Light Changing Toilet Bowl

Products update soon.

Installation is simple with lasting durable parts:

Would you like to provide your loved ones a little surprise by making the bathroom an accommodative and fun place?

This toilet bowl illuminating system is made to do just that. It is easy to set up this accessory in just a few seconds.

The bendable and adjustable arm makes things simpler, giving you the ability to make the motion sensor more efficient when you have it facing the bathroom door.

Auto lighting, forget about falling in the dark and battery included:

Are you fed up with stumbling in the dark for a light switch when you want to use the bathroom during the night?

This 16 color motion activated toilet night is the best accessory to adorn your toilet.

The LED lighting will switch on automatically, making bathroom use a lot enjoyable.

You will no longer need to switch on lights which are very bright during the night.

Safe to use, simple to clean and convenient:

Are you searching a product, which is safe to use and simple to clean for your whole family?

This is a smart device, which makes visiting you bathroom fun.

Additionally, if you are training you are potty training your child, the Ortz LED multi-color toilet bowl light will make it a lot more enjoyable for them.

Simple to use and enjoyable, reliable and money-back guarantee:

You will get a user-friendly, reliable, and fun multi-colored LED toilet bowl accessory when you get this product. In case you are not pleased with this product, you get your money back.

Auto-sensing, multi-colored led light with energy efficient system:

Are you on a tight budget but searching for a simple and cost-effective way to light your bathroom and make it more appealing?

Say goodbye to those complex bathroom wall lights and choose the Ortz multi-color LED toilet bowl accessory that is very usable.

Best of all, this LED lighting system is equipped with an energy efficient system, which means you get maximum value for your hard-earned money.


Simple to install, battery operated

This product features a long-lasting, durable rechargeable battery for ease of use.

Also, it is possible to install very quickly. You don’t require screws or tools.

You see, easy is the word.

Your toilet looks great

Are you searching for a creative but low-cost fix to make your toilet accommodative and a lot more fun for your loved ones?

Give your toilet a unique appearance during the night and make it way simpler for your loved ones to find the toilet without switching on bright lights.

Why you require toilet nightlights that are motion-activated

You most likely are aware of the annoyance of going to the bathroom at nighttime.

If you switch on the bright overhead light, it blinds you and causes it to be difficult for you to catch your sleep back. If you don’t switch the light on, you will probably fall in the dark.

This device is connected to the toilet and will switch on automatically when you enter. The unit will detect movement within ten to 15ft.

The product’s LED accessory glows a soft shine in a range of colors that you can choose depending what suits you.

This light will remain on until a minute after the movement has stopped.

Also, the installation of the Ortz toilet night light LED is easy, and you can install it within one minute or so.

With a rechargeable battery that operates with USB, you really have no excuse to fall at nighttime the next time you visit the bathroom during the night.

Working Conditions:

  • In dark environments
  • Motion sensor operates within a range of two to three meters
  • Induction angle: 120 degrees

Sixteen colors in one device

You can single-color or color-rotate when preferred color is noticeable with the button. Sixteen colors change randomly every eight seconds.

Turn any toilet into a nightlight

Illuminate your toilet seat transforming it into a soothing night light, boost your sleep and make your toilet exciting and fun for everybody in the family.

Will fit any toilet

The toilet light housing compartment measures about 3.1x 2.4 x 0.87 inches with the bendable arm extending approximately 4 inches from the housing compartment.

Soft PVC neck is usually flexibly for more ease of use; sturdy material causes it to be simple to keep steadily and remain in any shape.

Advanced motion activated led toilet light

It activates when you go into the bathroom and deactivates when you exit without interfering with your family’s sleep.

100% money back guarantee

It is a guarantee you will love this sensor night lights, and if you are not, whatsoever the reason, the product will come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Product Specification:

  • Switch type: sensor
  • Light source: LED
  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 0.18w
  • Sense range: 2 meters
  • Input voltage: 6v
  • Light colors: sixteen colors
  • Dimensions: 6×7.7×2.2cm
  • Weight: 80g with batteries
  • Power Supply: 4x AAA Batteries


  • You can install the motion-activated toilet nightlight on a single color or allow it cycle through numerous colors.
  • You can also clean it using most household cleaners.
  • Very simple to install, getting the batteries installed is the trickiest part of it. The device should be positioned at the front of the toilet bowl, facing the door so that the motion sensor can work. It senses motion, and the light section is waterproof.
  • The unit will switch on as soon as you get near approximately 6.6 feet of your toilet in darkness, and switch off once you leave approximately 2 minutes or bright light switch off activation.
  • This 16-Color motion activated toilet light uses batteries, so no heavy cords to bother about.


  • The unit cannot be activated in daylight, only activated in the dark.

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5. Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light, 5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection

VINTAR 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light,Toilet Bowl Lights,Cool Gadgets,5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection
  • MOTION AND LIGHT DETECTION SENSOR - The built in motion...
  • 16 COLORS & 170 DEGREES Radius- This motion activated toilet...

16 colors and 170 degrees radius:

The light comes with sixteen colors that can work as a solid color or on a rotation by utilizing the control button. 170 degrees coverage causes it to detect movement at a much wider angle compared to most other toilet lights that can reach 120 degrees or lesser.

Light and movement detection sensor:

It comes with an inbuilt motion sensor will that automatically detects body heat, and lights up the room once you go into and switch off when exiting at nighttime.

Fits any toilet:

You can easily bend the soft PVC neck for more convenience; sturdy material helps it to easily keep steadily and remain in any shape.

Five levels of brightness:

The motion sensor toilet bowl light contains five different brightness levels control settings. It offers the toilet bowl proper lighting depending on your choice. It is simpler to change the settings as the controls are facing outside.

100% satisfaction guarantee:

You get friendly customer service and a free 12-month warranty.


  • The LED on the arm’s end is waterproof, user-friendly, and simple to clean.
  • Simple to remove. The only water resistant part is the extension with the LED.
  • Auto-sensing system: it will switch on when you shut, auto off when you exit the bathroom.
  • You do not have to change batteries since Sensor only works when it is quite dark so during the day it does not use energy.
  • Good night line in case you have that middle of the night bathroom run, so you will not be woken by bright light.
  • It looks lovely at nighttime in the bathroom. It helps with safety as the top factor.
  • Detects motion as you enter the door.
  • Appropriate for all bathrooms: coffee houses, hotel, home, restaurant, etc.
  • It is easy to bend the soft PVC neck for more convenience.
  • 16-Color light and five stage dimmer: 16-color light single or carousel mode, colors and brightness can be chosen.
  • Elegant and sleek design, fragile ornament.
  • Sanitary design: simple to clean.
  • Beneficial and energy-efficient: it will make your bathroom simple to access by way of the auto-sensing device, considerate and smart.

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6. Rechargeable 16-Color Toilet Night Light with Waterproof Design, Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light

16 colors and 170 degrees radius:

The toilet light comes with sixteen colors, which can operate as a solid color or on rotation with the use of the control button.

170 degrees coverage will make it detect movement a much wider angle compared to most other toilet seat lights that can reach 120 degrees or lesser.

The rechargeable 16-Color toilet night light detects motion within fifteen to twenty-feet and switches on the light. Only activates in the dark.

Waterproof IP67:

The product offers fully waterproof of topmost incursion protection degree of IPX7. It prevents this motion activated toilet night light getting damaged by splashing rain or water.

It helps to keep the internal memory chip functioning well, and offers 100 % waterproof guarantee.

Five levels of brightness:

The toilet led light features five different brightness levels control settings. It offers the toilet bowl proper lighting depending on your choice.

Rechargeable and help save your money and hassle:

-You should not waste your hard earned money on batteries again. Save yourself the trouble to replace batteries weekly.

This toilet light has a longer battery life than twelve-color rechargeable toilet night light, uses to up to 60 days on a single charge, is rechargeable.

The toilet light is easy to clean and fits any toilet.

100% satisfaction guarantee:

The product comes with a 12-month warranty.

With Witshine toilet bowl light, you can:

  • Comfort children who are scared of the dark and it is good for potty training.
  • Excellent performance compared to other twelvecolor models.
  • Forget about falling over things in the dark in bathroom.

This product will illuminate your seat, and as a bonus, it can make potty training simpler since kids will feel calmed by the lights on the toilet.


Latest IP67 waterproof protection

100% waterproof.

It simple means it can be immersed in water, and the rechargeable toilet light will still be working even when immersed.

Is that cool or what !

Longest usage:

No screws, tools needed. Helps you save your money, bid farewell to buying batteries every week.

Eco-friendly, energy efficient and rechargeable:

Up to 60 days on a single charge, longer use compared to other toilet night lights.

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Learn more About Nightlight Toilet

Nightlight toilet is a toilet with two distinctive LED bulbs purported to enhance safety and comfort for users at night. Nightlight toilets have a guiding light that is positioned in the toilet seat’s hinge.

It provides a soft glow onto the tank of the toilet that allows the users to clearly see the toilet area after going in the bathroom.

The nightlight toilet also has a task light inside the toilet bowl that is helpful to the user for enhanced sight in dim lighting.

The trim low-form toilet seat operates using four “AA” batteries for a period of six months.

You can also install lighting to illuminate your toilet paper.

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Toilet Seat Light

A toilet seat light is used for illuminating a toilet area in order to show that the toilet seat is down.

Toilet Light Night

It is comprised of an interior surface and a power source covered with a bowl container.

The toilet seat glow has an on/off switch attached to the bowl and has to contact electrical dish.

The light bulb is fixed on the top portion of the bowl and a wire joining the light bulb with the contact electrical dish of the on/off switch.

The toilet seat light illuminates different colors such as blue, green and red glow.

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Illuminated Toilet Seat

Best Illuminated Toilet Seat

This toilet seat has a light bulb that helps the user to comfortably locate the toilet without necessarily turning on the lights.

The seat is held firmly in a stable position by use of exclusive grip-tight shock absorbers.

The color of the light bulb matches that of the toilet hinges to maintain color uniformity.

An illuminated toilet seat is cold-free since it generates warmth and hence cozy for night users.

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Toilet Seat Light Sensor

Toilet Seat Light Sensor

The toilet seat light sensor is fastened onto the toilet seat and senses any approach during the night and glows mildly green when the bowl lid is down and glows red in case the bowl lid is up.

This device fits in all kinds of toilets since it has flexible arms that allow flexible installation.

After fixing the toilet seat light sensor wipes it dry to ensure the safety of the users due to the electrical devices used during its fitting.

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Bathroom Toilet Seat Light.

This toilet seat illuminates the whole room comprising of both the bathroom and the toilet itself.

The toilet seat lighting is fitted in the interior of the toilet bowl and illuminates enough light that serves the whole room.

The bathroom toilet seat light is useful in conserving energy in that there is no need of a bathroom user to light the bathroom bulb at night since the toilet light illuminates up to the bathroom.

Light from the toilet provides a better effect for night bathroom users.

Unluckily, most night light waste substantial electricity all night long.

Led Toilet Bowl Light

Led toilet bowl light is meant to warm the toilet seat for the comfort of the user.

The led light is illuminated by bulbs fitted in the toilet seat.

Illumibowl Toilet Night Light

This is a motion activated toilet bowl night light.

Toilet Night Light, Gold Armour 16-Color Motion Sensor Led Toilet Night Light, 5-Stage Dimmer, Light Detection, Great for Potty Training Led Toilet Light (1 Pack)
  • MOTION AND LIGHT DETECTION SENSOR - The built in motion...
  • 16 COLORS & 170 DEGREES Radius- This motion activated toilet...

The illumibowl detects any motions made within the proximity of the toilet when someone enters the toilet and turns on spontaneously.

The device turns off after the departure of the user from the toilet.

It ensures that the user does not stumble upon any materials left in the toilet.

The illumibowl is fitted below the toilet seat and illuminates the bowl wholly.

They have different colors such as orange, blue, purple, green and white. Users adjust the colors by means of a switch fitted on the device.

The illumibowl is water-resistant hence durable for more than eleven years. The illumibowl eradicates the irritation of switching on bright light when the user wakes up at night.

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Toilet Bowl Night Light

This toilet bowl has a lid that regulates light intensity in the toilet area.

Bowl is made visible by the light from glowing water or the toilet light bulbs.

Toilet seat light blue

Toilet seat light blue

A toilet seat light blue illuminates the toilet area in a blue color.

It is also comprised of an interior surface and a power source covered with a bowl container.

The blue light has an on/off switch attached to the bowl.

A blue light bulb is fixed on the top portion of the bowl to enhance blue light illumination of the toilet.

Blue light is a perfect illumination color during the night as compared to other colors such as red and green.

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Lighted Toilet Seat

This light bulb helps the user to carefully access the toilet without essentially turning on the lights in the bathroom.

The seat is held steadily in a stable position by use of exclusive tight bumpers.

The color of the light bulb looks like that of the toilet hinges to maintain color uniformity.

A lighted toilet seat is warm as it generates warmth and hence cozy for night users.

The seat is very easy to install with a need of just a screwdriver. It structures a closed front with color matched bumpers.

Glow in the Dark toilet Water

LumiLux Toilet Light with Motion Detection Sensor - 16-Color LED Bathroom Toilet Bowl Light (White)
  • Makes Late Night Bathroom Trips More Convenient: The built...
  • Light Up Fun for the Whole Family: Our 16 color toilet bowl...

Water contained in the toilet bowl glows different colors due to illumination by bulbs of lighted toilet seats or by use of antiseptic compositions for fluorescently lighting the water.

These antiseptic compositions include water-soluble chemicals such as lithium fluoride, cerium oxide, samarium oxide, strontium sulphide and barium sulphide, which are added in equal quantities in the bowl toilet water.

Users find it convenient to use the toilet properly and avoid messing up in the toilet bowl.

The illuminated water makes the bowl visible during low light and dark periods.

The user changes the antiseptics when the water stops glowing which indicates exhaustion of the chemical compositions.

Glow in the dark toilet water enables the toilet users to see clearly around the toilet whether the toilet has been cleaned by a previous user.

Light Up Toilet Seat Features

light up toilet seatWith glow in the dark toilet water, users need not light the toilet bulb since the water glows in such a color that the user is able to access all the materials required within the toilet reach.

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Glow Toilet Seats

Generally these toilets seats are prepared of high quality formed hygienic buffers that enable them to withstand strong compounds and household detergents.

Glow toilets seats are white and exist in diverse shapes including elongated bowls and regular round bowls.

The glow toilet seat glows a blue or green glow color.

Charging of the glow toilet seats takes a few minutes and uses any available source of light.

No more stress in making trips to toilet and bathroom with the new lighting technology development.

Night light toilet seat

With this toilet seat gives the toilet user light to easily access the toilet at night without the necessity of using other sources of light.

It provides a soft glow onto the tank of the toilet that allows the users to clearly see the toilet area after going in the bathroom.

The nightlight toilet also has a task light inside the toilet bowl that is helpful to the user for enhanced sight in dim lighting.

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