Finest Bidet Toilet Seat Review – Best Buy Advice

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture usually installed in a bathroom which is intended for washing the genitalia, buttocks, and anus.

Most bidets work as stand-alone units that resemble a toilet without a lid or a seat with knobs.

However, add-ons that combine the toilet seat and electronic bidet are gaining popularity.

They connect to existing water supply by adding a tee pipe adapter and require no extra plumbing or soldering work.

Electronic bidets require a protected electrical outlet.

History of the bidet

The bidet toilet seat is a revolutionary bathroom design idea that will change the way most people use the bathroom.

The bidet toilet seat was invented in 1964 by Mr. Bidet who sold it in the USA. A company called TOTO launched a bidet toilet seat in 1980 which was sold in Japan.

old toilet seat

It was referred to as the paperless toilet and then later as the washlet or washouts.

The use of bidets spread through Britain, France and other European countries which introduced it to India, The Middle East, and even South America.

The most common use is in Japan and their most common brand the washlet by TOTO is very popular and has a wide array of dazzling features.

These Japanese toilet seats are in most of the households and although they resemble Western toilets at first glance hey have additional features such as automatic flushing, blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, wireless control panel, automatic lid opening, water jet adjustments and room heating.

These features can often be accessed wirelessly on a control panel attached to the seat. However, some are mounted on a nearby wall.

Probably, you are used to tissue paper hanging on a toilet roll holder but have you ever thought of a self cleaner?

Best Type of Bidets & Seats

Swash 1400 luxury bidet seat 

The Swash 1400 luxury bidet seat is the latest toilet seat available in the market. It boasts several enhancements over the earlier model.

Brondell S1400-EW Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel Nozzle Clean+, Endless Water-Warm Air Dryer-Nightlight
1,377 Reviews
Brondell S1400-EW Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel Nozzle Clean+, Endless Water-Warm Air Dryer-Nightlight
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WASH: Programmable user settings and...
  • EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: Technology never felt so clean....

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Latest Enhancements

First, the Swash 1400 bidet toilet seat appears quite much like the earlier Swash 1000 model.

Secondly, you will see that the silhouette has been upgraded with a more contemporary profile.

The lid is sittable and sturdy; however, the electrical cord and water supply inlet are now concealed in a pocket towards the unit’s rear left (when facing the toilet).

This result in a more streamlined look for the bidet seat by letting you conceal the electrical cord and supply hose on the same side.

Another great addition to this bidet toilet seat is an LED nightlight.

A preferred trend in contemporary bathrooms, an LED nightlight for the toilet lets you use the bathroom during the night without the need to switch on the bathroom lights, an essential safety feature so your eyes will not have to readjust in dimly lit hallways.

The Swash 1400 luxury bidet seat features an automatic air deodorizer; however, contrary to the previous model, this deodorizer comes with a replaceable cartridge so that it can be refreshed in case it loses effectiveness.

The Swash 1400 luxury bidet seat is still operated through a wireless remote control, which has a magnetic wall mount.

The remote control is updated with a slimmer shape and less mass.

The remote still comes with a good clean layout; however, you can also save the 2 user preset profiles.

It will help you save a couple of button presses in the event different users want different settings.

An “auto” button is another newly added feature, which will run through the entire bottom wash cycle and then with one press you get a full drying cycle drying.

The wash nozzle has been extended and when cleansing you experience more position settings.

This offers the bidet seat an extended cleansing range and offers a further reaching front feminine spray.

Great Quality

Along with the great improvement outlined above, the Swash 1400 luxury bidet seat still has all the fantastic standard features you would anticipate from a luxury washlet, which include sturdy construction, warm, airy dryer, tankless water heating system, deodorizer, heated seat and dual stainless steel nozzles.


  • Lets users to set their own personalized nozzle oscillation, pressure, water temperature, and spray width
  • An adjustable temperature air dryer eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • An active carbon deodorizer makes sure smells, and bad odors are eliminated at the source
  • For a softer, gentler wash action, micro-bubbles have been introduced into the wash spray
  • A cool blue illuminating nightlight lights up your toilet bowl

List of Full Features


  • Adjustable spray pressure and water temperature
  • Dual stainless steel nozzles with adjustable position
  • Self-cleaning nozzles with nozzle sterilization function
  • Nozzle oscillation
  • Rear and front wash


  • Slow closing lid and seat
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • Airy cleansing spray that has three adjustable spray widths
  • Heated seat comes with adjustable temperature
  • Air deodorizer with replaceable cartridge
  • Never-ending warm water thanks to the tankless water heating system with ceramic core.


  • One touch auto button
  • Automatic eco mode
  • LED nightlight (blue)
  • Wireless remote control with wall mount
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to quick release
  • Two programmable user presets

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A bidet was at one time regarded as an important part of a hygienic lifestyle along with being used to help in contraception.

However, nowadays, with the access to reliable contraceptives, and good quality toilet paper, they are today considered a luxurious item.

While best bidet seat might be a luxurious item, it can make life a lot easier for most people like those with issues of mobility.

Expectant mothers can as well gain from using a bidet, since using toilet paper might become hard later on as the pregnancy progresses.

Bidets have numerous other good benefits too that you can learn about in this guide.

Can you picture how unpleasant it might be when you discover that you have used up all your toilet paper after doing your business?

With the best bidet seat, you do not have to be concerned with those awful situations.

Better yet, you may clean yourself better after making use of the toilet. Bidets often appear as small toilet bowls with faucets.

They may be mistaken as a small tub due to their look. Bidets are usually placed near toilets for ease of use.

Best bidet seat is not only made to warm your bottom but also allow you to clean yourself using warm water.

The more lavish ones can dry your rear with warmed air.

Others are extremely smart that it can spray a fine mist in the bowl as soon as it detects that you’re almost sitting on it.

Why bidet toilet seat ?

A bidet toilet seat will create a truly appealing change for the toilet.

If you’re thinking about the doing some renovating or constructing of the toilet, or just needing a new seat, the bidet may be the best option.

The bidet seat possesses numerous benefits of the standard seating, from personal hygiene and helping to preserve the environment.

One of the unique features is the vast availability of numerous different shades to choose from.

The choice of the pink, black and blue seat could help to match with almost every last color scheme.

You can find a white toilet seat to make use of as well.

A bidet toilet seat is also available in both the rounded and the elongated toilet seat design. The soft or padded seat may also be bought.

That excellent revolutionary engineering has also integrated the homeowner to buy the bidet with the heated seat as well.

This choice allows for the seat to be 20 to 25 degrees above the room temperature.

That may similarly eliminate the demand for all the bathroom tissue, which might be used daily.

Think about every last tree that may be protected. Additionally, the waste matter management systems wouldn’t have to cope with the disposition of all this paper.

The easiness of installing would permit for most all of the do-it-yourself people to have the brand-new bidet seating ready to function in just a few minutes.

Make sure to follow the manufacturing directions on the safe use of water near electronics.

The toilet seat hinges allow for the seats to be switched over, so make sure to adhere to the instruction manuals.

Doing your homework before you buy helps to ensure that you’ll choose a bidet toilet seat model with adequate cleaning time and hot water for your desired effect.

If you are not 100 percent certain as to what to expect from your bidet seat before you buy, pick a model that has 40 seconds of cleaning time with the same quantity of hot water.

Bidet buying guide

First, and often most essential, when thinking about a bidet buying guide is your budget.

You must determine what you are willing to spend, considering the expenses and savings of using a bidet.

You must also consider the fact that this is a long-term investment.

A quality bidet will last a long time, and the models on the market are covered by different warranties.

It is essential to know what you are willing to spend, what features you want, and which functions you need. These include;

Adjustable Water Pressure

An extra feature that most electrical bidets have is adjustable water pressure.

Each item is different, so it is a great choice to be able to adjust how light or how strong the water sprays.

Some individuals might find one setting too strong, while others might find it too soft.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

When you start using electric bidets you’ll discover that the majority will have adjustable nozzle positioning;

However, it is always something you have to verify.

Many bidets on the market are identical with regards to operation.

They differ in price due to the different features, the quality of the materials used, and the brand.

Nozzle Sterilization

Another feature that comes with the bidet is the nozzle sterilization.

You will find a handful of models that use various nozzle sterilization methods.

You will enjoy features such as this, making your bathroom will be hygienic and clean.

Oscillating Cleanse

Oscillating cleanse is yet another added feature on some bidets.

This isn’t a necessity; however, it is good to have for many people.

It helps cover a wider spray area, providing further width without adjusting your body.

Similar to most of these features this one is not a ‘must’; however, if you want ultimate comfort and the very best clean this feature is a superb addition.

Stainless Steel Nozzles

This might appear to be a small feature; however, it is as well an essential one for the purpose of hygiene.

Nozzles made from stainless steel tend to be more resistant to bacteria since they have no cracks or pores that might permit bacteria or dust to enter areas that are difficult to clean.

Similar nozzles are created from silver iodide.

Silver iodide is another material that’s resistant to bacteria, which makes these nozzles a much cleaner option compared to regular plastic.

Turbo/Enema Wash

The enema wash is a distinctive feature available in some electric bidet models.

This feature doesn’t take the place of a doctor prescribed enema; however, is usually used for conditions such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and more.

This option is made to offer swirling and gentle massage to relax the anus before a bowel movement.

A bidet buying guide will help you when purchasing one.

You’ll get an instruction manual to guide you on how it has to be installed. It doesn’t need additional costs of maintenance or plumbing.

If you really value your hygiene, preserving the environment and saving money you would not think twice about buying a bidet toilet seat.

Electronic bidet toilet seat

An electronic bidet toilet seat can provide lots of benefits and comforts, based on the model that you have picked and the features that you require.

From a seat that heats up for you to varying water temperatures, there are electric seats, which are the ideal fit with the size of your pocket and your bidet preferences.

You do not need to have a separate bidet fixture installed, all you need is located the seat that installs and quickly fits into just about any toilet or bathroom model.

An electronic bidet toilet seat can certainly make your life convenient and easier.

It may help you with outstanding hygiene, and it can also provide health benefits if you are suffering from problems like rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and other problems in the anal and genital areas.

A heated bidet seat can provide the ultimate in luxury, a warm spot to place your bum bottom when it’s cold.

The heated bidet seat may be found in energy efficient models that need little energy or power; however, the benefit that it offers can be amazing.

The heated option may also help improve the way you feel since heat helps your muscles relax and ease tension in your body.

Even if your bathroom interiors doesn’t allow for the installation of a bio bidet, you may still fix an electronic bidet toilet seat over your current toilet and have the same benefit.

Though there are many versions of bidet toilet seat available in the in the market, it’s the electronic bidet that has caught the eyes of many people.

The electronic bidet toilet seat comes equipped with numerous features that will certainly blow your mind.

These remarkable features include amazing cleaning time, in-built dryers, temperature controlled seats, gentle massage option, hands-free operation (remote controlled), effective deodorizers, pulsating streams, and much more.

Accessible in both elongated and round models, the Brondell Swash 1000 can fit into almost any business or house toilet.

It has warm water for optimum comfort, cleaning, long life, and powerful dual stainless steel nozzles that shoot on-demand.

The Toto C100 is a little more economical compared to most other models with the same features, yet you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference when you use it.

An adjustable heated seat makes sure you are not shocked when sitting on it on cold winter days.

BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White
205 Reviews
BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White
  • Patented vortex nozzle system
  • Dual nozzle; Easy D.I.Y installation

Non-electric bidets are the most affordable and don’t need electricity to run. They don’t need lots of space also since this can be attached to the toilet.

Given that this is the simpler type, don’t expect to find the features of an electric bidet here. However, you can be sure that it will be able to work well.

Since the non-electric bidets don’t use electricity, you can save on the energy used in your home and you can make big savings because you aren’t paying for the electricity.

You will save on energy which then decreases the carbon footprint of your home.

Using an electric bidet needs more maintenance compared to a non-electric one.

Non-electric bidets, on the contrary, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, after the initial installation that needs no electricity, you’re ready to use it and do not have to be concerned with things going wrong.

Since there is no electricity, you do not have to be concerned with the bidet breaking because of an electrical issue.

One of the main reasons you must choose the non-electric bidets is due to the fact that they less expensive. Many electric bidets are expensive and consist of various features.

These features aren’t necessary for people who are simply trying to find a quick clean. All of the extra features make it very costly.

The non-electric bidet, on the contrary, can be less expensive.

This price difference makes non-electric bidets an excellent option for people who want to try it out for the first time and aren’t quite certain what to get.

An example of a non-electric bidet seat that you can buy is the Bio Bidet BB-i3000 Premium Bidet.

BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White
205 Reviews
BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, White
  • Patented vortex nozzle system
  • Dual nozzle; Easy D.I.Y installation

It has a patented Vortex Water Stream to help you get a strong, yet mild feeling stream that is good for a hassle-free cleaning or perhaps as an enema.

It comes with most of the luxury features usually reserved for top-notch, electronic bidets.

It takes over from your present toilet seat and is an excellent value for anybody searching for a feature packed bidet seat, which doesn’t consume electricity.

Bio Bidet

Bidets are extremely popular all over the world since they offer environmental awareness, health benefits, better hygiene, and a sense of luxury.

Now let us discuss the advantages of using a bio bidet.

It goes without saying that it that this bidet adds to your hygiene factor, apart from that you will decrease irritation or dermal problem, or infection in your perineum area considerably.

So bid farewell to urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids with a bio bidet.

If you’re a woman, then this bidet is the best product for you because it will help you maintain your cleanliness.

If you are suffering from constipation you can find the spraying of warm water very comfortable.

In addition, they will assist the mature and the senior greatly.

The differently-able people may also find its use satisfactory and simple. Thus purchasing a bio bidet will be the ideal decision you make towards a life that is healthy.

A Bio Bidet doesn’t need major plumbing work. It works with your existing plumbing, contrary to conventional bidets, Bio bidets just attach to your existing toilet.

All major components that you might need to install a bio bidet are included in the unit with detailed installation guidelines.

French-style bidets

Any bathroom that doesn’t have a bidet, in my view, is definitely not complete.

Most mainland European countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal not to mention France have been using bidets for years.

More popular than the classic bidet, the French-style bidets feature the same basic design with a jet of water that sprays from the bottom of the bidet.

This ease of use makes it much simpler to clean the genital and rear areas without needing to splash water to cleanse yourself.

A French-style bidet needs you to straddle the bowl while facing towards the faucet handles and the wall.

Some versions reverse this setup, offering you a more familiar seating arrangement, facing the exact same way as you would on a restroom.

French-style bidets aren’t intended to replace toilet paper, and Europeans normally wipe with toilet paper before using the bidet.

The French bidet is as well not meant for urination defecation or urination of any sort.

This kind of bidet may also be used for a fast cleansing of the genitals or anus, even without first visiting the bathroom.

Some people enjoy being in a position to “shower” the parts of them that require washing the most, without the quantity of waste that a full shower might take.

It is also a lot more convenient and does not need you to remove clothes.

Conventional bidet:

This type of bidet is installed as a separate unit beside the toilet, sink and shower.

It resembles a slightly large hand basin with taps and knobs. Some have a nozzle that squirts a tight stream of water to help in cleansing.

Bidet attachment:

This type of bidet may be a toilet with built in bidet or it may be an attached to the existing toilet.

They typically have two nozzles; one for cleaning the genitals and anus (family nozzle) and the other is designed for feminine use to cleanse the vulva (bidet nozzle).

Bidet attachments are also referred to as combined toilets, bidet toilet combo or attachable bidets. They are usually electronically controlled with a remote control or touch screen.

This also gives them the name electronic bidets. This means that cleansing is achieved without the use of hands.

Bidet spray:

This is a hand held nozzle that delivers a jet of water to aid in cleaning the vulva, inner buttocks, and anus after urination and defection.

It is also called a bidet sprayer, bidet shower or health faucet. Unlike a bidet attachment, a bidet spray is like a hand held bidet and cleaning does not take place automatically.

Bidet sprayers are very common in areas where anal cleansing is essentially done by water.

Portable / Travel Bidet:

This is a bidet that can be carried.

Personal Portable bidet

It comes in very handy when traveling and the thought of using public restrooms is not appealing.

A portable bidet assures the user of clean personal hygiene anytime anywhere. They are handheld and battery operated.

They often come with batteries, battery locking devices, carry bag and spare nozzles. Some portable bidets even have warm water cleansing as a feature.

The unit is opened, filled with water and is ready to use.

A portable bidet is a great accessory for traveling mothers especially those with infants and young children.

Travel bidets permit the user to assure a clean personal hygiene always.

They permit everybody to be clean and fresh anytime, anywhere. They are portable, battery-operated and you can take them along everywhere you go.

Usually, they are available in spare nozzles, batteries for instant use, carrying travel bags and battery locking devices.

There are numerous battery-operated bidets, which can even heat up the water to let you spray a warm stream of cleansing onto your bottom, a godsend for chilly mornings.

You may still take benefits of warm water cleansing using your travel bidet even if there’s no built-in facility.

You just need to open the unit and use warm water to fill the reservoir, extend the spray nozzle and press the button to experience a fresh stream of water.

At present, a lot of people are realizing the benefits of travel bidets with regards to maintaining cleanliness while they are relishing the great outdoors since many the infections and diseases might simply be prevented by the practice of cleansing the privates with water after having bowel movements.

They provide the highest and best water pressure for a thorough cleaning and are great for the environment as well.

With travel bidets, you can enjoy the comforts of the house even when you are not.

You can buy the GoSpa travel bidet that fits easily in your glove box, purse, briefcase, and suitcases for an instant bidet wash wherever you need it.

The easy-store nozzle and the discreet carrying bag make it an ideal solution for every tour scenario.

Just fill with warm or cool water, tighten the cap, aim the ergonomic nozzle in the right direction, and squeeze the soft bottle to receive a cleansing rear or female bidet wash when needed.

Bring it along with you to work, on vacation, to or anytime you leave home.

The GoSpa travel bidet lets you remain clean, everywhere you go.

Elongated bidets

The first step in buying a bidet toilet seat is finding out if your toilet is elongated or round.

Elongated bidets are usually oval-shaped, similar to an egg.

Measure from the bolt holes at the back of the toilet bowl, to the toilet’s front edge, if it is more than 18 inches it’s an elongated toilet.

This means elongated bidets are roughly 2 inches longer compared to a round bowl.

This leads to a bigger target area and less drip on the bowl, thereby improving sanitary conditions.

For elongated bidets, the consensus appears to be that they’re much more comfortable for grown-ups.

The bowl’s shape is much better for men also, providing them additional space where they require it most.

Men as well love them since they help to stop splash back.

Basic features of the bidet


Depending on the style, taste, and available budget, a bidet can be chosen in regard to the material used to manufacture it such as stainless steel, plastic, porcelain or chrome plated metal.

Soft close seat and lid:

This feature makes the bidet durable.

They close naturally and it advised against forcing them closed as this causes premature failure.

Water Sprayer:

The pencil size nozzle is located underneath the toilet seat and it squirts water, I must say it offer a very relaxing moment in the bathroom.

It has a front and back nozzle and two settings which the user can adjust depending on use.

The one at the back is for washing the anus and inner buttocks. This is known as family cleaning, general use or posterior wash.

The other is at the front and it cleans the vulva. It is known as a bidet, feminine wash or feminine cleaning.

Electronic bidet controls:

These types of bidet electric attachments are usually automated and attached to a power source.

Most come with a remote control or touch screen to assist in controlling the water pressure, temperature, angle, and direction of spray and time duration of water spray.

Adjustable warm seat:

Most bidets have a heated toilet seat with temperature control. The seat is warmed up so that sitting on it is comfortable.

Warm water:

The water let out through the nozzle is also warmed up so that it is comfortable.


Warm dry air is blown to aid in drying the genitals and surrounding area after washing using a dryer that does not have an alarming noise.


The deodorizers and carbon filters are activated by the heating element to remove odors.

These need to be replaced depending on how often the bidet is used but most are designed to last as long as the unit.

Night lights:

The heating element activates illumination through night lights.

night light toilet bidet

Adjustable water pressure:

Attachable bidets have nozzles that cleanse and the water pressure of these nozzles can be adjusted depending on need and preference.

Directional spray control:

They have nozzles that are strategically placed to direct the spray of water for a perfect clean.

How a bidet works

In the bathroom, bidet use is very common and knowing how it works will help the user to understand it.

Most bidets have a proximity sensor which allows the lid to open when the user is near it.

Once the user has finished using the toilet the nozzle squirts water at the genital area; anus and genitals.

The nozzle does not touch the user’s body at any time. The nozzle cleans itself before and after use.

In most cases the nozzle is used for the front and back operations using different angles to aim at the desired spots.

However, some bidets have two nozzles, each dedicated to one area.

The nozzle control is attached to a proximity sensor or pressure switch so that it operates only when the toilet seat is occupied.

When the cleansing with water is done a dryer turns on and dries the genitor-anal area with warm dry air.

Once this is done the toilet flushes automatically and deodorizers and carbon filters remove any odors.

When you stand up the toilet lid closes softly.

Why use a bidet?

Bidet toilet seats are popular because they offer cleanliness, convenience, and comfort to your routine.

They are great in maintaining hygiene. Here are some of the reasons why bidet use is becoming increasingly popular:


Bidet use is a great way to prevent disease because it eliminates lingering bacteria in toilets.

Bidets help relieve and prevent discomfort caused by infections, hemorrhoids, and itching.


They are eco-friendly as they eliminate the need for toilet tissue paper as they use water which provides hygienic and soothing cleansing.

Bidet use is a great way to reduce deforestation because of climate concern

Add on bidets are easily available and fitting them does not require special skills so it is a simple do-it-yourself job.

In addition, a bidet can be attached to an already existing toilet without the need for extra plumbing or soldering.

Offer independence:

Bidets are particularly useful for people with disabilities because they eliminate the need of having someone to help with the wiping.

They are also great for the aging community because they afford them greater independence.

Models specially designed for people with disabilities or the elderly have armrests and other devices to help the user stand up after use.

Easy to use:

All one has to do is seat, finish and let the bidet do the cleansing and drying automatically. The control panel is also user-friendly.

What to consider when buying a bidet toilet seat

Company and brand name:

It is best to buy your bidet toilet seat from a reputable company.

This will ensure that you get a high-quality product that will meet your needs.

Such a company will also offer recommendations and technical support.


Depending on preference and reason for needing one, you should choose a bidet that has all the features you require of it.

Type of existing toilet seat:

Knowing whether it is a one piece or two pieces will determine the kind of bidet toilet seat you will need to buy.

Cleaning of your bidet seat

Self Toilet Cleaner

Water and a soft cloth are all that are needed to clean the outside of the bidet toilet seat.

Bleach and harsh chemicals can damage the material of the bidet such as plastic causing it to crack or yellow.

Bidets have a cleaning button on the side and holding it for about 3 seconds will extend the nozzle forward for cleaning. You can use water and vinegar to clean the nozzle with a soft brush.

This can be done at least once a month or more depending on how often the unit is used. Or you can opt to check out this innovative toilet seat in Indonesia that is saving lives.

Finding the right toilet seat size

Similar to lots of things in the home, your toilet will experience a fair degree of wear and tear throughout its life. It is hardly surprising.

In any case, it is something you use daily. And it is your toilet seat that takes the brunt of this frequent use.

You can get the right toilet seat size for your toilet by following these steps:

1. Note your toilet pan’s shape. Is it square that’s is both sides perpendicular?, Is it round, meaning curving outwards from the hinges and then back inwards to create a circular edge?

Is it D-shaped, meaning curving only inwards from the hinges to create a continuous arc? Or is it totally different to these features?

2. You’ll have to take three measurements from your toilet to determine the toilet seat size:

• Height – Here you measure the distance between the holes to the cistern wall or cistern
• Width -Then measure the diameter from edge to edge
• Length -Lastly, measure from the holes in your toilet to the very front edge of your toilet

This will ensure that you get a shape and set of toilet dimensions to work with.

At this point, all that is left to do is begin your search using these measurements.

You will be impressed that they are available in many shapes, texture, styles, colors and some even have special effects.

You will find those that feature automatic closing lids, others that have temperature controls and others which glow in the dark and.

However, the most basic guide to purchasing one is that you must consider the size and the shape of your own toilet since there are two basic sizes: the oblong and the round.

By measuring from the front of the bowl to the area between the screws on the back lid, you will be in a position to figure out toilet seat size.

Picking a bidet size

There are lots of factors that go into picking a bidet size.

There are lots of bidets available and getting the ideal one can be quite challenging without a bit of help.

The first factor that you must consider is your toilet shape.

There are numerous kinds of toilets out there. A toilet can come in numerous shapes. Some of them are elongated and round.

Some bidets only fit particular toilets so before buying your bidet you must determine, which kind of toilet you have and which bidets are compatible with it.

Carrying out research before buying your bidet will go the distance in picking a bidet size.

Purchasing the wrong bidet for your toilet can result in issues and it may not even fit. This is one of the factors that must be considered before buying your bidet.

When picking a bidet size you must look at the price you’re willing to spend.

If you do not want to invest a lot of money you are better off with a non-electric bidet.

If your budget is high than the electric bidet, then a porcelain bidet is a great option for you.

Purchase a bidet

If are planning to purchase a bidet, ensure that you purchase one that will accept the type of spray or faucet that you want.

Some feature a horizontal nozzle that sprays over the bowl’s rim, others feature a cold and hot tap for pouring water into the bowl; still, others feature a nozzle that shoots water up from the middle of the bowl.

If you do not have the inclination or space to fit a stand-alone bidet, it will be good to purchase a spray nozzle that may be fixed on a traditional restroom.

Or, you may go for an electronic bidet seat attachment.

Certain versions provide water pressure and temperature controls which can be adjusted remotely, a deodorizer, warm air dry, and even a heated hydraulic seat.

Before you purchase a bidet, you will have to ensure that it fits your toilet, based on whether it’s a one or two-piece unit and has a round or an elongated-oval seat.

You will want to remember that a bidet is a long-term investment with an estimated life of seven years or more.

This means you must not make a mistake on the side of buying something with the latest technology, for example tankless heating, remote control, and more.

Bidet seat is one thing you will use daily. It’s probably the most practical items you’ll ever buy. Agreed, they aren’t cheap.

However, if you consider the improvement in comfort, hygiene, and the fact that you will be minimizing the use of toilet paper.

Something to Ponder About

Just as we should make sure we wash our bathroom,  we must clean ourselves properly to get clean.

Quality toilet paper may be comfortable and nice; however, it may leave you with some streaks which can be very unpleasant.

One of the simplest methods to get rid of this problem permanently is to use a bidet. That means you will need to check out the best bidet reviews today.

The best bidets have a few common features. It starts with automatic cleaning functions, which will give you a sanitary experience with each use.

You will also wish to have warm water options, which will offer you a comfortable cleaning experience. Some offer oscillating water streams, meaning you will get a good clean from front to back.

Buy one with a warm air dryer to help you totally get rid of paper use and you will have made a good investment.

The main benefit that you will find in these best bidet reviews is that you will be able to be healthier and cleaner for an amazingly low-cost price.

The conventional bidet is a separate fixture from the toilet; however, that does not have to the case the nowadays with technological innovations.

You can find one of the best bidet toilet seats, which will help you have a more relaxing experience in the bathroom and the toilet seats can also be warmed.

If your budget is limited, there are simple to install portable bidets, which can give you a higher level of clean than you will get from paper alone.

These install between the rim of the toilet and your toilet seat on many variations and makes and are controlled using a dial control on the right.

You just choose the pressure you want after which you can get the stream that you need to be clean each time.

If you have never experienced the advantages of a bidet before, then today must be the day you do.

Look at best bidet reviews to find the best bidet that suits you.


A bidet toilet seat is an excellent addition to your bathroom.

It is evident that from these reviews of best bidet toilet seat, you can fix one in your toilet or bathroom with little difficulty and you do not have to entirely renovate your bathroom for one to be accommodated.

If you do not need the bidet to be a permanent fixture in your house, quick-release choices let you effortlessly and easily remove the seat when it isn’t needed.

You may choose the features that you need your bidet to have, which include simple remote control operation.

With the easy press of a button, you can control the warmth of the seat, the temperature of the water stream and extra features like deodorizing and air drying.

In case you have problems with mobility or if you have diseases or conditions, which make it hard to maintain good hygiene standards after using the bathroom, then a bidet toilet seat might be a great purchase for you.






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