How To Clean Your Toilet And Remove Stubborn Stains

Cleaning a toilet or bathtub is a chore that usually gets rescheduled; however, it is important to keep toilets clean.

A filthy toilet will look terrible, breed germs and smell bad.

But as with most of the less enjoyable chores in life, cleaning your toilet now can help you save headaches afterward.

With these guidelines, you will finish this task fast and efficiently.

So, here is how to clean toilet:

  1. Clear away everything from around your toilet

clear toilet

Toilet cleaning is an untidy task, and there is always the possibility of splashing toilet water or cleaner outside of the actual toilet.

Reduce the chances of additional cleanup by removing all surplus items from around the toilet.

You should not forget to take away anything placed on top of the tank to prevent items dropping into the toilet bowl during cleaning.

  1. Add cleaning solution after flushing

You should ensure the lid is down when flushing the toilet to prevent spraying or splashing.

Add your selection of gel, powdered, or liquid to the bowl.

Make sure to apply the cleaner near the toilet rim to prevent cleanser getting diluted.

  1. Clean the toilet’s exterior

While the toilet cleansing solution soaks into the toilet filth in the bowl, you should clean the exterior of the toilet.

Begin at the top to ensure the already clean surfaces don’t get dirty.

Use a cleaner to spray the tank edges, tank, handle and wipe down. Next, work on the outside lid.

Lastly, wipe down the whole bowl. Begin with the front and sides before cleaning the toilet’s bottom edges where it meets the floor.

  1. Clean the toilet seat

cleaning toilet seatYou should never neglect the toilet seat. It is the section of the toilet that should be thoroughly cleaned since it’s the first one that comes into contact with people.

Raise the seat and spray it, spray the rim of the toilet and also the inside lid with a cleaner.

Wipe the lid, hinges at the back of the toilet seat, and seat.

You will find that some toilets will have hinges toilets that will pop open to permit better access for cleaning.

  1. Clean the interior of the toilet bowl

Clean the interior of the toilet bowl

Start cleaning from the top down. First, you need to start scrubbing under the rim.

Look under the rim to ensure all the grime and stains are scrubbed away.

After that, scrub the bowl. Lastly, scrub the hole at the bottom part of the toilet. Place the lid down and flush the toilet.

  1. Wipe any spills or drips

Wipe any drips of water or cleanser that might have taken place. Put away trash and tools. Put back the items taken away in step one.

Cleaning a filthy toilet is not the most enjoyable of task; however, seeing that bowl sparkle makes your house feel tidier.

As for cleaning your bathtub click here to get guide.

Best products for cleaning your toilet.

Here we go with the best cleaners;

Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Mint

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner MintThe majority of traditional toilet bowl cleaners are manufactured from caustics or strong acids, which can bring about serious burns to your skin.

Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Mint will clean products having these harsh chemicals without the risk of damage to the environment or skin burns.

  • This product is a biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, safe for septic systems
  • It has no phosphates, petroleum-based cleaners, chlorine or harsh chemicals.
  • It is scented with Natural Mint.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Use Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel to keep your toilet clean.

This continuous toilet bowl cleaner prevents the accumulation of toilet rings and limescale.

Simply utilize the dispenser to place a gel disc onto the interior of your toilet bowl. The hidden gel disc sits just below the toilet rim.

There is no need to touch the bowl or gel disc with your hand, which makes this cleaning gel less disgusting compared to conventional clip-on toilet bowl cleaners.

  • This one of a kind toilet bowl cleaner slowly dissolves with every flush, permitting a controlled discharge of cleaning solution and scent.
  • Each disc can last up to a week, for a 24/7 nonstop clean. And it leaves no deposits behind.
  • Your toilet bowl will stay spotless for longer.
  • It prevents the accumulation of toilet rings and limescale.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel contains:

  • One gel holder (gel holder has 6 gel discs)
  • One gel holder, user-friendly dispenser

Lime A Way Toilet Bowl Cleaner

best Toilet Bowl Cleaner This toilet bowl cleaner is the hard water answer for your toilet, dealing with stubborn stains even below the waterline.

  • It leaves your toilet bowl spotless and smelling fresh
  • Deals with hard water stains in toilet, even below the waterline
  • Helps keep your toilet free of rust, stubborn lime and calcium stains
  • Thick gel formula covers and coats toilet bowl, staying in contact with stubborn mineral stains longer.
  • Specifically made for the toilet bowl.

For smaller surfaces, LIME-A-WAY Trigger offers an easy way to spray away hard water stains.

For hard water stains on big surfaces, LIME-A-WAY Toggle can easily get rid of rust, lime scale, and calcium.

Clorox Toilet Wand

Clorox Toilet WandThis product has a long handle and a box of 6, not reusable cleaning heads.

These heads are prefilled with a blue cleaning solution, which releases into the water.

It clicks into place by simply pressing the handle onto the cleaning head, without ever touching the sponge. The cleaning head should be swished into the water and then rubbed over the inside surface of the bowl.

Rub under the rim of the toilet.

You can rub anyplace you want, and the cleaning head will scrub away grime and filth.

The cleaning solution in the head will noticeably foam and clean the surface of the toilet.

  • You should not flush the cleaning heads. They are supposed to be discarded.
  • Refill kits have 6 extra sponges included.
  • The cleaning heads are spherical, sponge pads, like dish cleaning sponges.


  • The filthy toilet brush with its germs is not reusable.
  • You don’t have to touch cleaning solution or toilet water.
  • Eradicates 99.9 percent of germs such as influenza A, staph and rhinovirus type 37 and can decrease the spread of bacteria that bring about sickness.
  • One of the simplest cleaning products you will ever utilize.
  • The spongy head will conform to the toilet bowl surface and scrubs in areas that are difficult to reach, which includes under the rim of the toilet.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh BrushThis brush makes scrubbing your toilet as easy as that chore can be.

It cleans under the rim of your toilet and cleans limescale from your bowl.

The hand flushable pad is made for daily cleaning; however, it comes equipped with heavy duty pads for added scrubbing power.

The heavy-duty pads are infused with penetrating foam, which works to break up hard water together with limescale stains, plus they are simple to throw away after use.

This wand is very simple to use.

It is mess free, and you can clean the toilet without touching the toilet or the chemicals.

The wand has a button to help you release the pad directly into the toilet or trash and never have to make contact with the used pad.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Brush comes with:

  • Four Flushables pads
  • Two Heavy Duty refill pads
  • A handle

You can buy extra refills separately.

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Finally, a toilet bowl cleaner that is hygienic and is eco-friendly.

The Ecover Toilet Bowl cleaner cleans, removes limescale, and gives your toilet a fresh scent.

It’s highly biodegradable and is without any hazardous and needless chemicals. You can also use it in septic tanks.

  • No deposits of unwanted chemicals.
  • The bottle containing this product is 100 percent recyclable as it is produced from 100 percent plant plastic.
  • Fresh scent produced from plant based ingredients
  • No petrochemical based ingredients

Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Power Toilet Bowl CleanerMost toilets can be a breeding ground for disease-causing germs; however, Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner offers reassurance.

The thick formula adheres to loosens stains for better cleaning while sterilizing.

The angled bottle works on hard-to-reach unreachable spots, which include under the rim, which leaves the entire toilet bowl clean, sanitized and perfumed.

Product Features:

  • Angled bottom to reach your toughest stains
  • It kills 99.9 percent toilet viruses and bacteria.
  • Gets rid of stubborn stains in seconds.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach

Bowl Cleaner with BleachThis product has a unique nozzle that dispenses wide, making it easy to reach those difficult areas under the bowl rim.

Spray it around the rim of your toilet, use a brush to scrub and let it sit with for 5 to 10 minutes, and flush.

  • Deodorizes and leaves the toilet with a clean, fresh odor.
  • This Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach effectively dissolves unsightly stains and gets rid of grime and dirt.
  • Disinfects by killing 99.9 percent of germs.

Scotch Brite Disposable Toilet Brush

Disposable Toilet BrushAre you bored with scrubbing those ugly and unreachable areas in your toilet?

Scotch Brite Disposable Toilet Brush comes with contoured brush pads, which are specifically made to scrub under the rim and other unreachable toilet spots.

Just click the scrub pad into the brush into the handle and watch as years of water stains are wiped out instantly.

As you use the disposable toilet brush to scrub away the toilet grime away, the pad mixture leaves behind a clean, fresh odor that will last through flushes.

It features non-woven brushing pads, which are created to break down without scratching any toilet surface as you scrub.

When you are done cleaning, just discard the used scrubber and keep the handle for later use.


  • Pack contains seven refills.
  • Just store only the handle.
  • Intense foaming action and powerful no-scratch scouring.
  • All-in-one cleaning that makes the toilet to have a clean, lemon scent.
  • Fits under the rim.

Important steps on how to clean a stained toilet

Most property owners are puzzled by the unsightly stains they see in their toilets.

They clean their shower rooms frequently and yet the toilet bowl has unpleasant yellow or brownish stains on the bottom of the bowl and around, or stains running from below the rim to the level of water.

These unsightly stains originate from an accumulation of minerals from hard water.

Most houses have hard water that can bring about damage to your toilet and leave hard to clean stains.

Toilets are created from porcelain, which is susceptible to getting these unsightly stains and holding onto them.

With the proper knowledge, you can easily know how to clean a stained toilet.

Below are a few ways to remove those unsightly stains in your toilet bowl.


Ensure you have got all you need to clean your toilet quick:

-Vinegar and baking soda or a commercial toilet cleaner

-Toilet brush

  1. Vinegar

If you are fed up with using strong smelling cleansers and harsh abrasives to clean your bowl, you should try the vinegar solution.

One way is to put three cups of vinegar into the bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub the stains.

Another way is to place the vinegar into a spray bottle, drain the bowl and squirt the vinegar directly onto the unsightly stains.

  1. Bleach

It is an extremely powerful cleaning agent. Put a half a cup of dry bleach powder into the bowl and allow it to sit there for a few hours. Once you see the unsightly stains have vanished, then flush away the bleach.

  1. Trisodium Phosphate

You can add one tablespoon of trisodium phosphate, (3.8 liters) of warm water and mix nicely.

Then, soak a piece of fabric in the solution and use it to rub the discoloration clean.

Steps to remove toilet bowl stains:

Your toilet speaks of your personality, many people say. If it is shinning, you’re hygienic.

For more stylish toilet ideas check out this post

If not, you’re unhealthy. So, rust stains in bowl are not a good sight, especially for your guests.

They will find it unpleasant to use. Even worse, they are going to judge you based on your toilet.

More than these, a dirty toilet is not healthy for you and your loved ones.

You might not know, but different bacteria or germs thrive in your toilet seat. These can lead to illness.

Rather than shelling out lots of your hard-earned cash on medical expenses, think about washing your toilet regularly?

To successfully remove toilet bowl stains, you might need to learn more first. Keep reading.

  1. It is simplest to clean the bowl when it’s empty of any water. Empty the toilet bowl by turning off the water and then flush until bowl no longer fills.
  2. You should wear gloves that are made from rubber to help protect your hands from any disease-causing organisms, and you are now ready to fight the stains.
  3. The task cleaner can be purchased at nearly every shop that sells toilet cleaning products. Begin by applying a layer around the whole bowl.
  4. Next, utilize the pumice stone to scrub away the unsightly stains. It will need some effort, but it will get rid of the stains quite well.
  5. If there’s no pumice stone on the market, a wet/dry sandpaper can also get the job done. Neither of these procedures ought to damage the toilet’s surface. If you notice any marring or scratching of the surface, stop at once and examine to make sure you have the right products.
  6. You can continue scrubbing until all of the unsightly stains are eradicated.
  7. When you are done, you need to turn the water back on and let both the toilet bowl and tank fill with water before using once more.

Additional ideas and tips:

  • You should keep away from harsh cleaners since they can scratch the toilet’s surface and result in more damage than good. (Sure, we understand how that sounds: do not use abrasives but you can use sandpaper. Once more, you need to use only wet/dry sandpaper that will not scratch. It doesn’t act the same way as ordinary sandpaper.)
  • Bleach might get rid of and/or lighten the unsightly stains; however, it is a lot more short-term. As soon as the mineral deposits are in place, they are going to get back their color and get noticeable once more speedily.
  • When you do a thorough cleaning like the one discussed above it will generally last a few months before you repeat the process again.

Removing hard water stains in a toilet

Even if you thoroughly clean your toilet and clean it regularly, rust stains and hard water can form inside.

Upon first look, you might think that these unsightly stains originate from toilet waste, but the truth is, it is probably due to hard water.

If you really ponder over it, the only water coming through those holes goes down into the bowl when the toilet bowl is filling back up.

At times you might even see what appears like yellowish or pink lines coming down from these holes. These are probably a result of hard water.

Left alone, they may harden and turn into rust and quite hard to remove. Try this simple trick of removing hard water stains in a toilet.

The things you will need:

  • Scrub sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Paper towels

Soak 3 to 5 paper towels with distilled white vinegar.

You need to roll the paper towels up and put them under the rim.

If they are firmly pressed, they will probably remain in place. Leave the paper towels that you soaked in vinegar in place for at least half-an-hour.

After that, take them out and throw away. Don’t flush the paper towels. They might block your toilet.

Take a dampened scrub sponge and sprinkle on it about one tablespoon of baking soda and scrub the place where the paper towels were.

Hard water stains will have been loosened by the vinegar, and the scrub sponge that has the baking soda will help remove them. Some fizzing might take place when the baking soda comes into contact with the vinegar.

You can repeat by adding the baking soda to the sponge until you work all the way around the toilet rim.

In case you have some tough stains, simply spray them with some more vinegar, add a little more baking soda to your sponge and scrub.

The baking soda and vinegar together do amazing things on tough spots.

As soon as you are done scrubbing the whole perimeter, flush the toilet a few times to rinse the loosened deposits away.

You will perhaps need to repeat this procedure every two months unless you reside in a place with really hard water.

Buying the best toilet bowl cleaner

Everyone loves using a clean toilet. However, when concerning toilet cleaning tasks, no one wants to do such tasks.

This task gets even worse when you don’t have the best toilet bowl cleaner.

If you buy the bowl cleaner, you can make a huge difference cleaning the toilet.

The best toilet bowl cleaner helps maintain the good and new look of the toilet always.

How do you decide on the recommended bowl cleaner?

Or do you simply choose any product on the shelf?

Look at the following essential things that you always need to examine when purchasing a best toilet bowl cleaner.

-Ingredients used

Most companies manufacture cleaning agents with extremely toxic contents.

Not only do these products bring about allergies to most people but they also lead to other ailments.

For this reason, businesses are compelled to reveal the kind of ingredients utilized to create the products in order to ascertain whether they are harmless to people.

You need to read hence the kind of ingredients, which are used to make the cleaning product to guarantee your safety.


After you have cleaned your toilet, the waste that includes the cleaning product is washed and guided to a sewage treatment, which afterward is taken to water surfaces.

In many of the cleaning products available, they come with compounds that cause environmental hazards.

You should always examine whether the cleaning product is eco-friendly before purchasing.

-Recommended toilet bowl cleaner reviews

In case you are in doubt of the proper bowl toilet cleaner, look for reviews of the best toilet bowl cleaner available today.

Any of these cleaning products will impress you, and not find toilet cleaning a hard task.


When buying any cleaning product, the main thing to consider is quality.

The quality of toilet cleaning products depends on its ease of use and effectiveness.

The best toilet bowl cleaner has to be user-friendly and does a great job.

You need to read online reviews to understand how other customers rated the product that you intend to purchase.


Lastly, you need to also take the cost of a specific toilet bowl cleaner into consideration.

Review the cost of the toilet cleaning products against its other features like ease of use, quality, and effectiveness.

What makes an effective toilet scrubber?

The toilet is one of the most frequented rooms in houses.

The reason being, it is an area that everybody visits after having that toilet relieve. How clean must that area be? Allow me to assist you in answering that question.

It must be kept really clean. You must also have one of the best toilet scrubbers to perform a fantastic job daily.

Research well and purchase an original product which will serve you well.

Although simple, toilet scrubbers are important home accessories that improve the way we clean. To find a useful one that you’ll enjoy using, ensure that it is of the right length.

A toilet is a filthy place. A short handle will expose you to germs and have your experience compromised in the long run.

It must also be safe to use and durable. You will not want a low priced toilet scrubber scratching and damaging the costly elongated toilet in your house.

You may be tempted to believe that every toilet scrubber is the same; however, that is not the case. There’s a vast selection of toilet brushes available.

The first question for any perfect toilet scrubber is, ‘will it get my filthy toilet clean?’

The main qualities of an effective toilet brush are simple: strong design, sturdiness and the ability to resist frequent use without breaking or bending.

But for people who like looks, performance is not everything.

The best toilet scrubber will be nicely designed and visually attractive and has to blend into your house instead. Most people want a toilet brush that will not clash with the existing decor of their house.

At the same time, if it cannot clean your toilet, it does not matter how appealing it looks.

What are the advantages of having the right toilet cleaner brush?

Obviously, this is a simple answer. Getting your toilet clean any time you scrub it is the seal of a great toilet cleaner brush.

Whether you clean your toilet once per week or once every day, you need to make sure you have the best toilet scrubber for cleaning.

Dependability and knowing that it is going to do the filthiest task in your house when you want it to; will make it a good toilet cleaner brush.

Toilet brushes are items we utilize every week but dislike thinking about. The smart holders do more than simply house the toilet cleaner brush.

They have wonderful features such as a perforated air-dry canister, ultra narrow design, a draining base, or a corner shape.

A well-designed toilet cleaner brush might cost a little more compared to the low-cost one from the local shop; however, it pays to buy one you do not mind using regularly.

What is a toilet cleaner?

Cleaning a toilet is not a pleasant task, yet somebody should do it anyway.

Good toilet cleaning products may considerably decrease efforts and time you spend on heavy scrubbing.

Furthermore, it is the best way to destroy all harmful bacteria and fill the toilet with a sweet scent.

Toilet cleaners might vary in consistency and composition; you might find tablets, powders, gels, and creams that need to be applied directly to a toilet tanks or bowl.

So long as you utilize only top quality household products, even the worst tasks can bring you joy.

Benefits of the best toilet bowl cleaner:

  • Prevents the accumulation of lime scales and toilet rings.
  • Kills 99.9 percent of germs easily, fast and conveniently.
  • Cleans with a single flush.
  • It is safe for septic tanks and plumbing.
  • Removes unpleasant odors and leaves your toilet smelling fresh.
  • Deals with the harshest stains on your toilet bowl.
  • It has no harsh fumes and doesn’t overwhelm your nostrils.

Why you need a toilet tank cleaner

Hard water residues and other deposits build up in your toilet tank because of continuous exposure to water.

This accumulation may cause the toilet tank to appear filthy and damage toilet components.

  • Water testing may also help determine if you should install a water softener in your house.
  • More than simply cleaning, property owners should get a water softener to help stop the issue from taking place again.
  • You need to avoid drop-in toilet cleaners and also products that have bleach, chlorine, and ammonia.
  • Hard water can have minerals, which can damage the different sections of the tank.
  • Hard water is the primary cause with regards to the accumulation of slime, minerals, rust, or mold inside the toilet tank.
  • The toilet tank should be opened for cleaning at least once every 6 months

If your home uses hard water, the probability is, your toilet tank will be full of mold or rust in the next couple of months.

Obviously, if your toilet tank has mold, rust, and other kinds of slime substance in it, cleaning the tank has to be your primary concern.

And as stated, you should now know that hard water is the primary cause.

This is why professionals state that even if you are going to clean and maintain the toilet tank frequently, over time, toilet tank cleaner will be the best bet with regards to preventing this issue from occurring again.

Helpful Tips:

  1. You should not use sponges when scrubbing the toilet. Sponges are a good way to breed germs and bacteria, and there are already enough in the toilet. Paper towels are an excellent choice since they are discarded. If you plan to use non-disposable cloths, you should wash them at once in hot water with bleach.
  2. Place the lid down and flush the toilet to prevent splashing and splattering.
  3. When cleaning the toilet, you should put on eye protection. It helps prevent splatters of toilet cleaner and water. You might also need to use gloves to prevent contact with your hands.


For stains that are around the toilet bowl or below the surface of the water, an overnight soak might be needed.

For this approach, you need to pour an ordinary bleach or toilet cleaner into the bowl before going to sleep and simply leave it there.

You should never mix toilet cleaners because this is dangerous.

It is always recommended that you wear protective glasses and gloves and follow instructions printed on the labels to avoid getting hurt, also.