Waste Paper Pedal Bins

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The pedal bin is simply a container invented in the 1920’s by Lillian Moller Gilbreth who was a busy mom with 12 children at the time.

The pedal bin has a foot pedal that operates the lid allowing you to open the lid by stepping on the foot pedal.

Their original intention was for kitchens as they are a hygienic waste disposal allowing you to open the lid without touching it with your hands which would transfer dirt to your hands.

Its popularity grew with time and extended to more areas than simply the kitchen.

One of these areas that you can use them is in the bathroom decor.

This is mainly to how they prevent the transfer of bacterial caused by opening garbage bins using your hands and they are convenient to use.

With some coming with a separate inner bucket which is removable and easy to clean, they are both hygienic and economical cutting down the cost of constantly buying disposable waste paper bins.

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They normally come with handles that make them easy to carry, some; especially the large ones have wheels which makes them very convenient to move around since heavy bins would be hard to carry around.


The plastic pedal bin is the most popular of all the pedal bins.

This is because plastic can be manipulated easily to create different shapes meaning you do not have to stick with the basic cylindrical or cubic shape of most bins.

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They come in nearly all the colors you would want thus they serve everyone since they can get them in the color they want.

Plastic bins are also easy to clean making them hygienic and they are also the cheapest option in the market.

Another popular material for pedal bin that has greatly increased the popularity of the bin is metallic pedal bin.

Metal pedal bins are classic and modern making them ideal for the design of your space as they add a chick look in the room instead of the traditional garbage bin look of plastics.

Metallic pedal bin are usually made out of stainless steel, they can come in a shiny finish, or they can be matt.

The good thing with the metallic pedal bins is that they are more durable and even though they do not come is as wide variety of colors as the plastic option, they can still be painted on with several shapes and figures making them very beautiful.

Some come with an inner removable plastic bucket which is easy to clean, and reduce one’s cost of constantly buying disposable waste paper bags.

Pedal bin uses

The most popular area the pedal bin is used is the kitchen, this is mainly due to how hygienic they are.

The fact that you do not lift the lid using your hands which transfers bacteria to your hands makes the pedal bin very popular for such a sanitary place.

Since kitchen waste is usually made up of food waste which decays to produces a foul smell, having the tight lid makes them ideal at preventing odor in the kitchen.

bathroom kitchen pedal bins

Bathrooms follow close by, especially public restrooms. With so many people using the bins, the pedal bin is an essential item to have in public restrooms to prevent bacteria transfer, and also most people feel grossed out touching garbage lid bins, thus having the foot pedal make them feel more comfortable using the bin.

Offices are another popular location to have pedal bins placed mainly because they conceal the contents of the waste bins and they look very classy in a work space as compare to ordinary waste bins especially when it is the metallic pedal bins used.

Pedal bin mechanism

You may be wondering how the pedal bin actually works, well the mechanism is really rather simple.

The mechanism works by relying on a series of narrow pieces of steel, these narrow pieces are connected together to allow movement of the lid when the pressure is applied to the foot pedal.Pedal bin mechanism

The mechanism in itself is known as linkage, and it includes levers and pivots which are fixed and moving parts.

When you press your foot on the pedal (A), the first narrow piece of metal (B) moves downwards which causes the next link (C) to move upwards.

All this cause the final link (D) which is connected to the lid and a final link (E) which allows for rotation and cause the lid to move up.


Pedal bins come in several sizes to suite your waste bin needs, the most common sizes are the 30 liter pedal bin, the 40 liter pedal bin and the 50 liter pedal bin.

The 30 liter pedal bin is the most used bin since it is an ideal size for families.

They offer enough space to fit your waste disposal needs without being too big or taking up too much space.

Most 40 liter pedal bin are just a size bigger, much like the 30 liter pedal bin, they are also ideal for families though they may be  too big for small kitchens or small families.

The 50 liter pedal bin is the largest pedal bin and is usually ideal for large kitchen that have a lot of waste such as restaurants.

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Sizes range from as small as 12 liter pedal bins to 50 liter bins which makes them popular and ideal to be used in a variety of spaces from  the bathroom, the office space, public restrooms, kitchens or even in commercial buildings.

If you are wondering where you can purchase a pedal bin for yourself there are several stores and suppliers that sell them.

To mention just a few we have bunnings, their pedal bins have a hygienic heavy duty opening mechanism ideal from larger bins.

They come with an inner bin which is durable, they have non-marking base, have a non-slip foot pedal, and they have a good grip handle which makes them convenient to carry.

They offer stainless steel pedal bins, twin compartment pedal bins and plastic pedal bins another store that sells good pedal bins is Ikea. Their range of pedal bins comes with stainless steel pedal bins as well as plastic pedal bins much like at Bunnings.